Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome Nigeria's Gilded Age...or is it? The Niger Delta Palace

Up there is not a Middle Eastern Palace, neither are you looking at something built in the Mediterrenean or Europe. That is Nigeria's own Niger Delta. Yes, that Niger Delta. Exclusively built by Israeli Architects, details about this monumental construction can be found here. My estimate is a cool $30 million to achieve this kind of feat..mind you, much of the accessories will be imported, aside from the very expensive expat brainpower that pulled this off.

Yes, it is that Niger Delta- the same one that is supposedly sorrow, blood and grief. Never mind the statistics that 70% of Nigerias live below the poverty line. We still have the richest man in Africa, and many more yet undeclared probably richer than him. If you're a lover or student of architecture like me, this is sugar high for you. If you're a social activist, you're probably miffed. In any case, the question is: will this set off competition of country home villas among our elites? Chances are before they're more likely to pull something regal in Lagos or Abuja, and reserve a simple building for their home villages. Well, the Gilded age is here!

Enjoy the video below..


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