Sunday, September 07, 2008

The Real Capitalists Across the Atlantic

I am just getting into the 8/5/10 mode after my trip to naija; it appeared I narrowly missed malaria. It took me a little longer than 2006 to get into the daily mode back again...but am good now. My people, naija dun..simply translated- naija sweet. Things are happening..very fast too. Progress, capitalism and entrepreneurship is oozing everywhere one goes.

College students and young grads are leading this charge; there is innovation in virtually every industry. It is not particularly unusual to speak with an average twenty something and find out he or she is into two to three enterprises: I mean legit ones too. Technology, Financial Services and Entertainment appears to be the booming industry. It is interesting that Agric and Petroleum which are by far more consequential to Nigeria's GDP are not the headliner industries.

Take for example the entertainment industry; there is all these 60 in 1, even 80 in 1 disc that is in vogue now; everything from European league matches, to compilations of popular Nollywood, Hollywood and Bollywood studios and to hit Nigerian music videos (and there are bunch of those...shot in other West African countries, South Africa and the West) - one will find on wares across major cities. XXX rated movies are already being compiled too for those who care to know. Aight, its all entertainment get with the program. The soccer crazy Nigerian fans are also making brisk business from soccer especially the national team and European club related merchandise especially the Jerseys. Thankfully Arsenal Jerseys are by far the most popular along with Chelsea, Man U and Liverpool. I got a Gunner shirt, Liverpool as well as Super Eagles Jersey (home and away) at very attractive prices too. Hey, they might not be the original but I bet you cannot tell if you see em. As a testimony to the widening market for Nigerian movies, nearly of them are now subtitled in French to cater to the wider African francophone countries who cannot get enough of Nollywood productions.

As usual, the state governments except for that of Oyo (which is so inept) are by far outperforming the federal government in terms of performance. Mr. Fashola of Lagos deserves special mention as an action governor. The BRT lanes/mass transit and the boardwalk projects are among a few transformational projects that Lagos state govt. is putting in place to deal with an already horrible infrastructural situation.

As per I was in naija for my sis wedding, it all went well. Added couple of pics here & there for those who care. Naija dun o jare.

P.S: Congrats to the Dream Team IV for a sterling performance at the Olympics. Go Eagles


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