Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Best Books I Read This Year...The Best Movies I watched..

Yeah as if you cared.

Best Books: It is hard to choose but the "Oligarchs" and "Are We Rome?" do figure highly. They were very different books, but were equally were researched about subjects that I had distant interests. If I were forced to choose base on interest, bets measured  by my inability to put a book down, then the Oligarchs with its 600 pages yet well read and quickly for that matter too, must be tops.

Best Movies? Okay perhaps I suffer a time gap bias. I think "Investus" just recently released movie starring Morgan Freeman was by far the best.

Still working very much on my Book List for 2010. I will be reading the Singapore Story on my way to Nigeria. Probably complete listening to 7 Habits of Effective People. Am on the last disc and it has been an enjoyable listening.

Musician of the year by far is Drake..I like is collection. Trey, my boy Wayne and Koko Master all did their thing. Baba Suwe here is a shout out for you from your youtube fans! Oh the graciousness of creativity!

P.S: Okay on these Iran-Iraq bound American hikers that Diane Sawyer wants us to feel pity for, do any one really believe their story? I mean save me. The media is just bought (hey, now majority owned by the banks), and the secret agencies must know one or two things about these lads. There stories make no sense. 

Hiking my feet. Of all places in the world, the place to Hike is Iran??? Very laughable! Water falls in the desert is even more laughable! CIA and NSA is written all over this.

It amazes me how Americans cry over these prisoners and no one checks out the prisons here at home that destroy the lives of our young men. About time, Dianne do something about those too.

Moreover, the fact is Iran is seeking nuclear weapons because of US stupidity in starting Iraq war. Iran took a cue, and knew the only way to prevent such global gangsterism from the neocons was to get nukes. Is anyone messing with North Korea? You bet no one will. Nukes are deterrence for global gangsters that the American public routinely elects to the White House. I really can't blame any country for wanting them.


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