Monday, December 23, 2013

A Season of Letters- OBJ gets Response from GEJ

I have to say it was finely written letter from President Jonathan to Former President Obasanjo; a well deserved albeit late response.

It was great to see him point to the atrocities committed under Baba including Odi, rigging of elections in 79 and 2007, as well as assassinations and general state of insecurities that began under President Obasanjo's watch which he is now conveniently running from. On the few allegations he denied, It was Obasanjo that made the allegation, let him now submit proofs on all the denials
  • If he has proof of the 1000 hit list, let him produce it and evidence of training of the death squad. He has enough intelligence contact to muster the proof of payment made, and names of personnel being trained.
  • If OBJoke has proof of Atlantic Oil lifting, let him produce the seafaring details and CAC documents and ownership docs linking them to Jonathan. His boys are embedded in NNPC and they can produce these.
  • If OBJoke has proof of GEJ stopping the ADB project, he should muster some whistle blower in ADB to confirm it
Once these three steps are taken, I am confident GEJ will be duly impeached by the House of Rep and all hell will break lose. The laughable part of this letter was when GEJ said he doesn't encourage corruption- well, the reality is blowing in the winds. Or when he claimed he doesn't influence elections in his party, even his state. Sylvia will have one or two things to say on that, as well as Amaechi and G-19 governors. Both of these Presidents are a bunch of liars! Enough of PDP madness.


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