Saturday, February 24, 2007

Houston We Have A Problem!

Ka chi na ko...I received the above from a good friend. Hillarious. It brightened a rather tedious week. Indeed, the past few days have not been the brightest...but am glad it is all over. Case Dismissed.

I couldn't help but laugh about the woman astronaut that will drive in diapers all the way to Florida to stalk a fellow flying saucer because of a colleague which they are mutually longing to be with. One, why diapers? I mean if the excuse was not stopping until you get to Florida from Houston, Texas may be we need to call NASA and find out where that future car is that can make that nearly thousand mile journey non-stop. At least you will stop to gas up and might as well answer the call of nature. And get this, she was married and just recently separated- weeks actually. Now that is sad. Anyway, my own astro-nuts is not coming any time soon or my Colt .32 might have a very good use. Okie- just kidding. Lawd have mercy.

Koinange's Nigeria

Now you folks should give me a break. Andrew Young not Jeff Koinange of CNN has the PR Lobby contract from Abuja to polish Nigeria's image. He has done his job- and his job is called Show-Biz. Show meaning fake, business meaning making money. CNN is serious business I know but there is also an entertainment side to it. Moreover, they do not manufacture the news stories they just air them. So if our sorry politicians in Abuja through their own inefficiencies have created the nut-case called Niger Delta Crisis, so be it. Jeff's own is to air our dirty laundry for us - and may be if half the energy Nweke have expended on insulting CNN is put into finding a permanent solution to the problem, we might not be doing this six months down the road. This is beginning to sound stupid. The way out of the Niger Delta problem fiasco is to let the people of Nigeria be. Let every region develop at its pace, utilizing its resources. Abuja has no clue what the people want; they are as clueless as the threesome called Atiku, Buhari and Yaradua. Add OBJ to make it is a group of senile fellows.

And This too shall Pass Away

Who send me? This professor has no clue- who still uses hand calculations to calculate power flow analysis? What are computers for? Anyway, na im fault? I know no who send me graduate school. But I enjoy Franklin: practical , straight forward and educative. I wish all classes are like that. But no telling. After a ten hour day in front of United All Confusing Engineeringsm any more of that gibberish is simple old and worn out. How I long for those days I get home from work and just watch TV. I wish- if wishes were horses.

Last Week

Issues we all got 'em was a blast. Watched it at Verizon Wireless theatre in the downtown Theatre District. The actors were superb: soul food actor- Darrin Henson, Dave Hollister and the Kim Fields were sure superb. The Nigerian character Osaji was something else! Issues we all sure have them. The company I had watching this was also superb- don't you ever quote me. Catch it when it come near you.

This Weekend
Golf...Golf..Golf..With a late spring time, the weather could never be better: Am going tommorrow after service. 13:00 Tee time.

Next Week
The time I should see a new drama or magic show with a friend. Something outside the usual routine, at least until the week this space.

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