Thursday, April 09, 2015

Election Season..Fever

It has been almost two weeks now, and the idea of change is finally sinking into the Nigerian psychology. Regardless of how Saturday's Gubernatorial races go, it is clear that Nigeria is never going to remain the same again...

During this period, I had my lows and my  highs..I'm dedicating this blog post to celebrate the is

Day in the life of Michael: 1. Wake Up check emails 2. Put on my co-founder hat and treat LoftyInc Allied Partners Limited​ business 3. Take calls from one or two concerned clients of Wazobia Investments in North America 4. Jump in the bath; all my day planning and best strategies come from this 30 mins everyday tradition 5. Kitted up, and Kissed my love, Abiola Anu Coker-Oluwagbemi​ and laid hands on the Bobo of the whole universe -prayed for him and a better Nigeria for him to grow up in 6. Swooch to the closest McDonalds for Hot Chocolate & Apple Pie 7. Take 2-3 calls from political associates, trying to check on Nigeria and the sanity of those of us trying to change it 8. Respond to another round of emails this time related to a mid-size energy company of which I'm director; we had to fire our HR Exec. Oh well! 9. Get tempted, open up my LoftyInc email and behold, three tech start-ups in our portfolio need help. I call, and offer it 10. Hungry for Lunch, but feels like end of day - off I go- this never ends. 11. On the way, take 2-3 calls from partners of one or two stealth Energy start-ups/SPVs of which I'm part 12.Take a call from a Cameroonian company of which I'm director - they need direction too on a developmental project we're undertaking. 13. In between finishing lunch, and engaging folks on Facebook and checking news on Twitter, I took call from Wifey- short but sweet. 14. Return to the office, need to send out this 150 page engineering business plan report to a multinational client; so I put on my technical and business hat on full throttle. Thank God for PVAMU and 15. Phone is GMB's Personal Assistant..okay... 16. I got inspired, and penned a 1000 word essay for NVS and NIA 17. My work got interrupted by AfriLabs emails - I'm a Board member, so I have to treat some strategic issues from the Secretariat. 18. GMB Calls...we talked for 5 minutes 19. I still need to finish this report (Bobo needs to eat abi?), so back to it..wrote more, and tied things up..will finish tomorrow. 20. Did that just happen? Did I talk to General M. Buhari? Yes I did! 21. On my way home, Dad calls- he never fails...True story. #inspired #lifeisnotaboutwhatyouget #vivaNigeria


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