Monday, August 06, 2007

I Need a Mentor

I am reading one of the best books I have read in a longtime, 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by J.C. Maxwell. I am still in the third chapter, yet I have learnt so much about myself- especially, what I am not. In the three short chapters I have learnt the law of the lid, which speaks basically to potential. The law of influence, which summarizes leadership in just that one obvious yet oblivious word. Ultimately, the third chapter is the law of process which forced me into thinking-whoosh! The law of process is that of learning how to be a levder. It is the law of "Rome was not Built in a Day". It is the law that leaders produce leaders, and that any aspiring leader must learn at the feet of an established leader.

This brings me to this blog entry. While reading the chapter on the law of process it became apparent that I need a mentor. I have had great mentors in the past: three to be precise. First was my father. I cannot be what I am today if not for the greatest source of my inspiration on what a man should be. Second was my first boss in Corporate world: coincidentally, he is my kinsman (and I did not know it until my last day at work here in Houston while working for an Oil major). My Boss, as I choose to still call him (Oga), was hard on me. He straightened me out, crushed my wet in the ear ego & prepared me for the challenges ahead. The third mentor I have does not even know it. He is a much older friend. His insightful thoughts/words on life & family came in handy when I needed it most. He is a friend indeed.

One thing however unifies all my mentors today. They are miles away , do not engage in my line of endeavor & critical mentorship can hardly take place. To some, I might have outgrown their mentorship, to me I have simply been bettered by them enough to start seeking new hands to continue where they have stopped. The author, John C. Maxwell spoke about seeking out your mentors. I am determined to do so in 6 months.

So now you know- mentors wanted. Qualification: God fearing, visionary with outstanding qualities to lead & mould a would be leader & preferably within reach. By experience, what makes great mentors is fearlessness in the face of failure: even while being observed. I have watched my great mentors fail. Mentors are not selfish, they share, they are influential and rub off nicely on their mentees. Mentors see the big picture, they accept their unusual position with exceptional humility & dignity. Oh men, I need a mentor. Only when I am mentored, can I truly be a mentor to someone else. Tell them- I need one fast!

Updated: I just spoke to one of my mentors mentioned above, who agreed to introduce me to a suitable new mentor. Great mentors seek out greater ones. Lesson learned.


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