Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lagos Guber Debates- One for the Books

Clearly, only Fashola prepared for this debate. He clearly won the fireworks sparring with Randle and Dosunmu, who looked incompetent after going up to the Governor. They clearly were no match.

Dosunmu of PDP must be high on else will anyone call the government in Abuja transparent? Oh yes, i forgot he is an expert is public (read, stealing) policy!Tokoya na revolutionary! lmao

JK randall have to be the funniest guy (and saddest guy at the end)  of this debate! Baba archaic history, and clearly a man of the old guard with an over-sized sense of importance! The man clearly feels entitled and Fashola put him in his place (watch video  #5) . The guy really looked like he will cry in Video 6 when he literally begged for apology from Fashola! lmao. His undignified poise at the end, refusing to shake the governor and saying "awon omo ti ko li eko" (translated: children without respect), a pejoration at the Governor is clearly uncalled for. This kind of geroncratic behavior is exactly what Nigeria and Lagos does not need. Does he think this is old people's home or a political debate? These guys are full of themselves... mchew!

By the way, am I the only one that notices the tattoo on Thisday's moderator Ms. Ijeoma's shoulders? Naija we hail thee...modernization gone crazy. Can't even imagine a CNN reporter showing off their tattoo on national TV during debates. She needs to get her sleeved blouse next time and save our eyes. Nonsense and aggravation.


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