Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Dangote is winning again...cement, roads and taxes

So for those wondering what Dangote is really up to with that road deal he got, well here it is

1. Bought over 250 yellow machines (or Caterpillar) for his massive refinery, fertilizer , power and pipeline project in Lekki.
Site Plan of Dangote's Plant

2. Don't need to hire an Engineering, Procurement & Construction Contractor, so he partnered with one to create a new West Africa giant..so he found Saipem who was already having issues with the Federal Govt on Oil & Gas local content: win-win


3. To further vertically integrate his cement empire, why not just do a cement road construction demonstration - more expensive but more durable, and try it on a PPP sort of like basis while not necessarily making crazy money. Call it marketing. Fashola agreed like any economist would. Few tax breaks for free but great road? You kidding me? Even you will take it
Site of Dangote Refinery, Lekki FTZ in 2015

4. After this demonstration, expect Saipem-Dangote E&C to bid for road construction concession based on the demo- using Dangote Cement and more or less annuitizing his current income from cement (like fixed deposit) in form of tolls we will be paying on such roads

Some of the hundreds of Yellow Machines
Dangote bought for the Refinery Project
Please don't call this monopoly. It is just smart business strategy. But some Dangote cement stock.  

While most analyst have raised concerns about glut in the local market, Mr. Dangote definitely have his own ideas about where his cement should be used. The excess capacity building up in Nigeria is going into roads. You read it here first

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