Friday, January 30, 2009

Democrats should grow a pair!

Just reading this curiously stupid Rush Limbaugh on WSJ. Now he is the leader of the Grand Obstructionist Party - GOP. This guy is a moron! While I am still recovering from the shock that this rabblerouser is given a platform by the once respected Wall Street Journal now in the hand of Ruppert Mess-it-Up, may be someone need to tell the dumbo that this is not a parliamentary system of government where the legislative sits or the output thereof is shared on the basis of representation. It is totally redundant that the same Rush who did not push for bipartisanship under Bush is now pushing for same under Obama- talk about hypocrisy. The whole Idea that tax cut works is bogus, because if it does then why are we in this mess many years after Bush cut taxes for his corporate buddies? Corporate tax cuts ? Are you serious? The same corporations that just got million dollar jets and gave themselves bonuses? By the way, the US tax rate nominally is 35%, but effectively it is way below 15% because most corporations like the one "stupid Rush" works for are TAX DODGERS! Corporations got tax cut under Bush,e specially in his last few months with 5 trillion dollar bail out, they don't need more! I say cut taxes for the people not the corporations, exactly what President Obama has proposed. The component of tax payment made by corporations has far been exceeded if the 6 trillion deployed to combat this crisis is compared with 900bn being targeted at individuals. It is just too sad Democrats can't make their own case. If they can't make the case that tax cut don't work, that it is a failed policy of Bush era and that fixing the mall actually provide jobs for landscapers, horticulturists and preserves our national heritage that generates tourism revenue then democrats need to grow some pair! Or may be they need a lil bit of Rush's medication!


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