Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Unshakable Conviction- How Bhutto puts Men to Shame!

Been watching the PBS documentary on the life of Benzir Bhutto, first and only female Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. If the life of this incredibly brave and resilient woman have intrigued me, it was the chronicling of her death in this work that gives me perhaps the greatest shudder.


Born to an inherent political heritage of a father and Statesman, who like many charismatic and brilliant leaders overreached in his convictions, and got destroyed i.e. executed (or taught a "severe personal lesson" in the words of SoS Kissinger for embarking on the Pakistani Nuke Program) by an international conspiracy that led to local events triggered by coup that eventually led to the first in a series of tragedy that beset the resilient Bhutto family which today still seats atop Pakistan against all odds.

As a young lady, witnessing the execution of her father, poisoning of her youngest brother by State Intelligence, and exile and solitary confinement and finally seeing a short lived victory that led to disgrace out of public office; one got to be challenged regardless of our station in life to make a difference against all odds. Benzir was not necessarily dealt the best of hands being born a woman in a country that enshrined discrimination against the girl child; yet, against all odds she beat the system to be the leader of such conservative Islamic Society.

As if these were not enough, the perpetual political struggle of her second term- bearing the brunt of the death of another brother, and the clear intrigues behind the true power ISI that controls the Pakistani military state clearly inserting themselves in a family dispute will confound mere mortals. But not Bhutto. See, my first knowledge of this courageous woman was second hand negative ones from a co-worker- clearly of the old conservative order that found no reason why women like her should be in politics. Regardless however, the love which she still enjoys and goodwill extending to her family (Husband now President, and Son as Chair of the ruling PPP party) shows that she reaped fully the seeds sown by her father but more importantly watered by herself.

A series of judicial trials leading to 11 years incarceration for current Pakistan President and husband- of 17 years in marriage, exile and separation, raising children in exile as a working mother, return and first assassination attempt gives an insight to unshakable faith of a would-be martyr. For if two suicide bombs on the day of your return do not scare you, what will?

Indeed, for those of us comfortable with the luxuries of the good life and with plenty a one excuses for not doing something about the station of others especially our own, the life and times of Benazir Bhutto and her immediate family puts many of us to shame. What could we possibly not do for fear of harm? Loss of limb? to bring freedom, succor and comfort to many? Or to enjoy the convenient stations that life has afforded us while we squander away the opportunities for genuine change. This is a challenge. Democracy truly, is the best revenge.

P.S: This documentary offers perhaps the best insight into the inter-relation between CIA, ISI, Nuclear Bombs and terror in the world as we know it today. What goes around, truly comes around. Now we know why OBL was found at the doorstep of the military academy..or shouldn't we? It is my considered opinion that massive education reforms is what Pakistan needs, and that is where US should put the money not in buying arms for a military so compromised as recent events have revealed.

Updated June 13:

Speaking of women and shame, there is another nascent political; but this one is shame herself. Picking up the book "The Quotable Rogue" was sure a mistake. Full of trite, self effusive statements made from an apparent empty barrel, one quickly realize how such a dodgy adventure John McCain was about to engage the country and the world with such a circus show of a run mate!


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