Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Jobs, Odds & Polls

Just been thinking lately of the general turmoil in the economy. Never in a long time since have been in the US have I known so many people out of jobs at the same time. And yes, I live in of the states with a better economy. It is kinda weird. One friend is been on the job hunt for one and a half years, another for four months..another is just about starting. No one seem to be safe.

As this plays out, it is quite interesting to note the truism of the general wisdom. Men (especially black men) seem to be out of their work quicker than the women. In fact, I know at least three home girls that found a newer , better jobs in the midst of all this turmoil. Must be something about the genders unh? I guess it is how you treat your job when the going was good that determine how it treats you when it gets tough. Black men still have whiles to go when it comes to work ethic- and I speak as one who see this struggle everyday.

 And forget the ethic, they just tend to not play in the mainstream of workplace politics. They are more likely to be at the edges of such power plays, and outside the circle where such decisions on whom to keep or lay off is taken. I have learned practically that the most effective workplace attitude is "dynamism", especially when the going is good. It was better to move into better and more stable places when it was hot. The most unstable position in any company is the one they just hired for...gba o. So find a better place within the group. Move up, move higher..move sideways. Just move...

On the other hand, sisters arrive at the workplace with a "can do" attitude. Willing to muscle their way into these important places. And they are less threatening, and tend to play coy with the natural feminine mien that hides the struggle of the outside world beyond the office (which they also contend with..heck, they are married or her dating these black men that are struggling too). Speaking of unemployed husbands, two of my friends are one. One called me the other day expressing his feeling of worthlessness and frustration; must be hard for a man: especially the proud ones who value taking care of his family. God help us...I hope.

Even the fellas that are still with their jobs, are still struggling with the bills. The economic conditions just seem to be crushing everything on its path. And here we have the politics playing out. The democrat's timid stimulus did not have the big bang effect, and the republicans that shamed them into timidity is hoping to cash in on this effect and blame democrats; hoping to seize congress and get back to doing what they did in the first place: screw the country up. The dems are learning fast though; hope they do a good job of highlighting who is holding up the unemployment checks...because that seem like dumb politics if you ask me. Unemployed people vote; and they will know who denied them those checks.

Speaking about the checks, is it not time the deficit hawks pick up "Predator State" and get re-tutored on the myths of deficit spending and why it makes no sense to cut now. Hope we don't cut our nose, to spite our face..this world...and who is going to poll that?


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