Friday, October 31, 2008

My FINAL Prediction (I promise...)

Presidency (See Map Above):

EV: Obama: 338 McCain: 200 (Margin of Error: +/- 27 Electoral Votes)

PV: Obama: 52% McCain: 48% (MOE: +/- 1.5%)


Dems: 58 GOP: 40 Independents: 2 (MOE: +/- 2 Seats)

Democrats takes Alaska, Virginia, Colorado, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oregon, New Hampshire and may be Minnesota from GOP columns (loses no current sits)


Dems: 29 GOP: 21 (MOE: +/- 1 )

Democrats keeps close contest sits in Washington and North Carolina safe.

House of Rep:

Dems: 257 GOP: 178 (MOE: +/- 5)

Pelosi becomes Queen Nancy

General Comments:This Map- plus or minus 27/26 electoral votes. Plus 26 for Obama if he wins Missouri and North Carolina (they correlate) and minus 27 for him if he loses Florida. Worst case scenario he ends up with 311 electoral can't sneeze at that.

Update- 11/03 @ 8pm- And it looks like both Karl Rove and RCP have been spying my map; they both have exact clones on what you have been served for three days. God speed Obama.


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