Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love & Respect

This book is more like a handbook on male-female relationships. While readers may conveniently be misled by the sub-title implying love for woman, and respect for man- it essentially should be taken for its lead banner and respect for both. It is very unlikely you'll love whom you don't respect, or that you respect one you don't love.

The sub-title more than likely derives it bent from what the polar sexes (yes they are) see more than another - in the negative sense. A man is more likely to feel disrespected than unloved; while a woman is likely to sense not being loved first before disrespect. The book dwells on practical issues of communication

No doubt we all have work to do on ourselves. Communication with family , blood relations, are hard enough even with similar backgrounds and experience. Match that with an utter stranger with whom you are devoted to build one future together. Definitely a practical must read- four stars. Happy Valentines Day! oh..week. 


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