Friday, January 23, 2009

South Africa 2010 & 2009 Planned Trips

Above is a sneak peek of the new Durban Stadium for South Africa 2010 Worldcup. This stadium looks wicked! I like the entry concept with the flags, I see naija there ahead. Way to go SA! The stadium looks like a computer mouse, with some uniquely Indian, African and European design influences- truly South African . I personally hope to be there; happens to be my marquee trip for 2010 alongside my planned adventure to Trinidad for the carnival in February. I will besharing pictures here of course for those who care..sorry!

Speaking of trips for 2009, am looking forward to London in June - to attend my parents birthday and wedding anniv. & see my bros fam: I intend to visit Norway/Denmark as well. In July am headed to Caribana in Toronto (that should be fun) and a labor day road trip (road one highway) to the West Coast starting from Northern California and ending in Denver, Colorado through Las Vegas should be a befitting cap to the holiday season. Looks neat for 09, I can't wait. I hope to attend one or two blue angel airshows in Corpus Christi and San Francisco this year as well; hopefully I can flex my semi-professional camera for y'all to appreciate. Two optional trips, its not like I won't take more if I can, NYC for 09 and Monitgo Bay, Jamaica for 2010 won't be a bad idea; [erhaps my first cruise. We pray for Long Life.


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