Sunday, October 16, 2005

No Holiday in Monrovia...

This past week far away from the spectacular elections holding in Iraq to ratify a new constitution, a far more important event that should supposedly concern America more than a trifling adventure in the Wahabbi Desertdom is taking place in the only ex-colony of the United States- the Republic of Liberia. For the first time in many years the people of Liberia are pouring to the polls to elect a new government: the first round has 22 candidates leading them are George Weah ex-international soccer player and only African World Footballer of the year , and the lady economist Ms. Sirlef..This election is more about peace and tranquility than an entirely new beginning. The Liberian people have begun to pick the bits and pieces of their destroyed lives and are saying capital NO to war! War mongers like Charles Taylor and J. Johnson are out of the picture and Liberians can breathe a sigh of relief. The events in Liberia is a lesson to all - after thousands of souls have been wasted on the alter of power hungry men like Mr. Taylor (who should face trial after the new government comes in by any reasoning) , only peace can truly bring development and peace that Africa is sorely in need of. The days of these tyrants parading themselves as leaders on the continent should be put behind the continent and we must all work to achieve peace at all cost- war only benefits the rich, powerful and famous. They thrive on dividing poor people on the basis of color, ethnicity, political affiliation and religion. It is high time we show the way to the world and occupy the position we truly belong to in the comity of nations - a continent to filled with resources but crippled by bad leadership, corruption and lack of political foresight can only be an eye sore to the world. The leadership of United Nations, ECOWAS and indeed Nigeria is sincerely appreciated by all Africans around the world. If we can do it in Liberia and Sierra Leone we can surely do it in Sudan, in Somalia, in Congo and in Ivory Coast. God Bless the motherland.


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