Monday, December 14, 2009

Obama's Afghan Strategy- The Left & Right Piles On...

It is a great day when the right and left beat you up. I actually think Obama has actually defined a new political center for he did it, I don't know.

Here, I think Arianna is factually wrong when she says the President did not state the threat Afghanistan poses. Well, how about that if Afghanistan redact back into the hands of Taliban, their Al Qaeda buddies will be back there cooking the same attacks that happened on 9-11. That threat is not phantom, it is real. The sooner the liberal wing of the democratic party realizes this...the better for the country. 

Personally, I fault the President's tactics. I am more firmly in Biden's camp. I would have loved a decrease in America's footprint, an increased use of Special Force Operations and Drones to bludgeon the Taliban and Al Qaeda in the Af-Pak border and a use of financial incentives to boost the Afghanistan Central Government while holding the Ace of Spade to decapitate the Karzai regime if it does not perform. Basically, I feel strongly that the Kabul central government cannot be built on must be seen to dispense favors to engender loyalty to tribal clans/warlords whom I think cannot be ignored.

Obama thinks otherwise, and has decided to take a shot at history...and bypass the Kabul government by providing security to Afghans in return for their support. He said it worked in Iraq, so it will work in Afghanistan. Well we shall see in 18 months. Guess, he can always fall back to my option if his option fails. Saying all that, it is insane as the Liberals suggest that leaving Afghanistan pronto is a reasonable solution (much as staying forever like the Neo-Con demand is pure madness!). That is murder, and in fact immoral! Think Afghan women slipping back to Taliban days. Where is the humanitarian, civil rights face of the left that advocated Bosnia intervention? Guess the limousine liberals only think their European cousins are worth saving!


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