Monday, July 11, 2005

Personal Thoughts on Terrorism

Those who terrorize the innocent, do so because they are hopeless. Hope strenghtens the spirit of man and emboldens our prospect for the future. For those without hope live without the assurance of tommorrow-: food, shelter or clean water, a great life for their children. Indeed at this special time we console the great people of London on the tragedy of terror, we implore them not to lose hope. The hope that the little help to the needy in the poorest part of the world, would make the world a lot safer for us in the future. In unision, we all condemn terrorism, in unison we should condemn poverty. Terror is aweful and should be expelled by all means possible from the world, including waging a determined war against poverty, injustice and bad government. We should all join hands together to make the world a better place for our children, our grandchildren and those who we do not know. It is our hope that God's children would be able to live an abundant life devoid of terror, hopelessness, poverty and disease. May you reading this piece pray for the children of the world that would go to bed hungry tonite..please pray to your pocket- donate to


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