Sunday, August 12, 2007

Get Inspired

Keep your daytime job and start your own part – time business.
Have many mentors that guide you in different way.
Choose mentors that would help you with your goals.
To be a millionaire, you have to learn how to be an extraordinary person.
Stop trying to live to other people standards.
Take control of your life and create your own destiny.
The key is to overcome obstacles and keep moving.
You know where you will do well, put yourself there.
Be sure to learn from your mistakes
Risk taking is fine, don’t fear risk.
Surround yourself with greatness to achieve more.
Don’t place blame on others, be at your best.
Pinpoint your strengths and use them to achieve greatness.
If you focus on the positive, you would succeed.
Lastly, start small and if business grows leave a job.
“Remember; Life is tough, but never give up”

It is better to try & fail, than die regretting you wished you had tried!


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