Monday, April 24, 2006

I am a Gadgetzidimo...Not a Gizmodo

Do you like gadgets like I do? I think I have an addiction- an addiction for electronic appliances. Oh yeas, it started way back. Way back when I blew up the family TV at age 8 and fiddled with live wires from the socket. Indeed, I got shocked a couple of times: nothing serious, just a couple of blood cleansing current (at least so the fable went). I was enthralled with anything that blinked light when I was young, I wanted to know what made gadget tickle. I fiddled with ‘em and I fumbled. Somehow, I think it is in the genes. Father was a perennial “radiotrician”...I used that word to mask his penchant to buy new radios every other fortnight and destroy them by trying to tune them better by opening them up. Somehow, even after old man is past fifty years hitting sixty he still thinks he has a career in electrical/electronics engineering. Over 30 radios damaged, and cassette players destroyed and father is still experimenting his way to the radio store! But I have decided to somehow formalize my genetic bias; yeah...I am an electrical engineer. Not like I could be your next door radio repairer but at least now I know not to touch live wires and get shocked...or at least I know how to acquire a lot more gadget these days.

Being a pragmatic person by nature, the gadgets I acquire are structured after my lifestyle. That is to say, unlike geeks (Gizmodos) whose life is built around their gadgets my gadget is built around my life. That is why I call myself a Gadgetzidimo...more like generalissimo. Yeah, a general and marshal of gadgets. Somehow, I enjoy combining the operability of my gadgets these days. But it just struck me ....which of these gadgets can't I do without.

I have never been a TV person - even though I have a couple, so count that out. The best thing I do with and on TV is to record those documentaries (from Discovery, History, Discovery Times, National Geographic and Military Channel) on my ILO DV-R recorder making them into DVD discs I hope to watch someday on the plane and share with my companion in arms in documentary watching...yeah, you guessed dad. Yeah, my X-Box Console was not good enuf, not until I disposed of it and now I miss it enough to purchase it back. Sorry. But this does not count as much as my beloved laptop. Yeah, nicknamed: Tabular Kingmon. Thou shall not deny me access. My Inspiron 6000 widescreen laptop computer is the bomb. You with the Apple or Sony whateva- congratulations for paying more for less functions. God Bless you. Anyway, my laptop is a favorite- on bed, sitting, working, riding and flying. And guess what? It just does not serve me when I travel. It is light yet because it has a widescreen it is not as portable as I will like. So my dear leather cased Dell Axim PDA comes in handy. Don't jump to conclusion, I have no brand loyalty. Dell just happens to be the only brand in this computer and handheld that combined quality with good pricing. My pragmatic side will be hard to convince to shell out extra $400 for a Sony, HP or whatever expensive brand name that will crash on me faster than my reliable Dell Axim will. With an inbuilt wireless card, my PDA comes in handy when I travel. On it, I can browse do my word processor works and can even play games. It is just a great companion- especially on the beach: where I hop (okay, steal...sorry snoop) on other people's Wi-fi network while pretending to be enjoying the sea breeze. Tried it in Miami Beach- splendid!

But the PDA doesn't come as close to being my favorite gadget i.e. most useful. Yeah, I have a favorite past time- photography. In this direction, my ever ready Samsung 4MP digi-camera is small, portable and practical enuf to get those shots. I must confess that it is cheaper than you will think it costs; but it does way more than it sets my account back...who cares? In combination with my JVC camcorder, it works well to bring back memories. But those don’t even cut close to my favorite gadget. Indeed, my Apple I-Pod Video is a close second. But while this important piece of accessory is by far one of my most expensive, I must say it is worth every dime it costs. Plays video, stores my over 12500 song music library, carries over 300 of my pictures and keep me incredible company when I want to relax and tune out the whole world either at work, home or on the road. My Black Apple Video I-pod is the bomb. And the winner is...? Oh my cell phone. My humble Sony Ericsson k750i is my ultimate "all in one". A camera, camcorder, mp3 player and PDA all rolled in one; it is small, has long battery life and has a beautiful design to complement Sony's reputation for quality as well. And yes, Sony didn't ask me to break the bank for this either. And it serves me just right- most of the pictures on this Blog were taken using my cell phone and most if not all short clips I play on my I-Pod - were from my cell. Its size saves me the hassle and makes it easy to get cameos of actions most people will want concealed- it my 007 James Bond device- clicking and recording silently anything from voice to conversations to pictures and movies. Be careful around me. I love my k750i...and it is officially crowned my most "Practical" gadget from my collection.

I do have a couple of other mundane electronic assets that I will not bug you with but I can't close here without acknowledging my only human gadget. Yes, my first child. Her name is Tan Brisquick. The Tan Brisquick is a special breed of Honda Accord of The Bull Dog Series. My perennial workhorse will drive from Texas to Alaska any day without blinking. And this by way of acknowledgement a show of my gratuity. For without the "Tan Devil" my back will be coal tanned in Texas Summer...all hail the Tan Brisquick. Check out the movie album here.

Indeed, some people (names witheld) ask me why I can't just buy combo devices that do all that I have separate devices for ..but I laugh off that suggestion. Because they just don't just seem to get it. I like each of my gadget for the different things they do. That is why I don't have a "best" gadget even though I have a "favorite" one. Like a parent, there is a lot of sentimental value attached to each of them, and no single device can equally replace these "babies" of mine- so to you Mr. PDA phone- go kiss your pillow good nite cos I am not selling any of these devices neither am I buying your under efficient, poor battery life, expensive multi- tasking anit-christ device. Until I meet you next long.


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