Friday, April 20, 2007

It does not Matter…

What of it fails?
What if the sun doesn’t shine?
What if I stray away?
What if it falls apart?

You wonder about what is,
The wonder of the unknown
But who knows what is yonder?
You wonder if the yoke of it all is worth it
What about “it”?

All I say, is that it does not matter
It does not matter how many times we fall
It does not matter how many it fails
It does not matter how many hecklers you got
It does not matter if it bothers you

Reaching beyond the wonders of the stars
And the beauty of rising beyond the deep blue sky
Lies in the secrets unlocked behind it
Because it never matters how far you fly
How high you soar or how low you sink,
It never matters how much rot you have been

All that matters is that the sky is blue,
The sun is red, the earth is brown
And the rain falls where you and I rest.
All that matters is that you are with me
At least on this

Why does He not call me?

1. Because you are now boring
2. Because you are now annoying
3. Because it just doesn’t matter anymore
4. Because in the ranking order of thing, you are CURRENTLY not a priority
5. Because all the above are incorrect and he is brain dead

I had to let you people in on this. This stuff is funny- I beg check my man- naija man out on You Tube. This dude is crazy. For Laughs

Check this Vintage Car collection out and you just might want to see Australia Hailstorm and the ravishing beauty of Sydney draped in the white stuff. What a wonderful world!


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