Monday, November 16, 2009

Recession Economics, Sports & Numbness...

Okay, are these business writers going overboard with all these recession correlated lifetstyle statistics. While the age long wisdom that people become sweet toothed (or actually, poverty makes cheap sugar filled confectioneries appealing) is well..age long. Here are some other correlation giving me headache..
More on the way..whatever, people die less during recession?


Am liking the new PVAMU stadium as proposed (See slide show below) glad finally something is being done with that Athletic fee passed during our term in the SGA Senate. Go Panthers!

And the Cougs did lose an unlikely mad as hell, and can't take it ! By the way, to my Kenyan brothers and sisters..peace; thanks for the gift. South Africa, here the Eagles come!

An Update on Me..
Have been trying to get up to date on my periodicals (Fortune and Spectrum) lately, but the bits of work related travelling is beginning to to take its tool. I enjoyed visiting Omaha however; my friends over in the heartland made it worthwhile. It is Houma, LA this weekend, hopefully we can get that JV Partnership and do something worthwhile in Ghana. The VC firm in Nigeria is making rapid progress and so is the family much to do in 24 hours..and I am just one person..oh well..I am not even feeling right now..just doing; may be next time I will write what I feel about Africa Rising..the book.

To my favorite elder sister in the world..wishing you the best on your birthday! Girl..u getting old.enjoy this music


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