Monday, September 03, 2007

Garium & My HD Vision

How do you perceive problem? Especially the ones you perceive as unnecessary. The point should always be made though, that you can hardly answer this question if you are not undergoing a difficulty or obstacle at the moment. Once upon a time, I used to feel invulnerable. Things just seem to take care of itself. But that was a while ago. It looks like my insensitivity vaccine is fast declining in potency. Words, actions and attitude I must admit are more laden with meanings. Whether this is good or bad- only time will tell. Regardless though, I am just learning to react properly to these situations. Obstacles created on your path by your fellow man- for good reason. It is frustrating, but I have of late taken a different view on them: after much aching of course.

Smart engineers would rather build roads across a mountain , winding up and down its side to the peak and taking the traveler to the other side- rather than break it apart. In the process, learning new lessons, strengthening their inners eyes of perception and just becoming better at wgat they do. This is how I think our Creator wishes us to see problems. Mountains of problems will not be broken apart, blown up to pieces or be moved: for the most part, a path of victory laid on the trails of the glorious obstacles- revealing your weaknesses and mine too; opening your inner eyes and teaching us unforgettable lessons. Open the inner eyes of my mind O Lord...that song goes. Only through obstacles!

Talking of eyes, I am now officially an ojugo. Following months of struggling, I finally went to the optician to procure my medicated glasses. I know say na my unfailing love for Garri (aka: Garium Sulphide) na im be the likely culprit. But nothing in the world can separate me from the love of my first love: Garri! I must confess though, the world looked High Def (HD) afterwards...unbelievable! Even my subdivision looked new and different…now I know why those girls that Terrell always pointed out always looked plain ugly- I was the one that was blind! LOL. I have to do this: To those I yabbed for being Ojugos…Igo loju omo my elder sister especially, I apologize. Okay now..I don join the club. Shey una don happy now? People say make I go get Lasik...but what if they recall that technology? Na gbege be that. That na wetin Fela dey call "scatter scatter".

P.S: Just finished Thomas Friedman's thrash book: "The World Is Flat"...I had a term paper to write for my management class on the book...and trust me guys, I was not forgiving. Now I am sure the NY Times haters will give me .my first lapel in conservative mob bashing! World is flat ko, the ocean takes you to India ni. Nonsense and fabrication.


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