Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009: A Year of Possibilities

That is what it is shaping out to be...2009. It is my hope that this possibilities will be those of hope, change and hard work: and no, it is not because of Mr. Obama and his hope train: it is far more personal, and I hope it is for you too. So far, so good and Happy New Year to you: my open and secret readers alike. To the secret readers, may this year can be a year of change for you too...I mean a change in your reading habit of this blog.

For me, one area that is changing is spiritual. I had been driven since sometimes last year to find an alternative place of worship : somewhere that is as enriching as where I have been attending in the past four years (Lakewood Church), perhaps closer home and indeed compatible with my temperament. I think I have found a winner in the Metropolitan Baptist Church. An urban suburbia place of worship with lad back people, ton of young earnest souls and a fulfilling preacher: funny, straightforward and academic, all at once. I attended for the first time last week, and did again today and I hope to make this church my second spiritual home: one I will attend twice or thrice a month when I am not in Lakewood.

One change you might have noticed is the layout of this blog; I hope you like it. Its roadmap and road networks represent the possibilities when we accomodate change. It will be fun, an adventure and I hope you enjoy the trip to the end we know not of; but join me as often on this blog as we explore those possibilities together: in photography, tourism, sports, politics, finance and other personal stories of interest.

Change is hard; change does not come easy. But when we accommodate change we become better. Change for the better indeed is enriching. I am determined to change that which I can for the better this year, and I hope you do too. Have a blessed year.


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