Saturday, February 16, 2008

Yes We Can! Obama '08

I am tired and hungry, yet am excited. I am just back from a meeting. It is rainy outside, yet so many young people, old and of different races cuddled in downtown Houston for one singular reason. Organizing for whom we think is the best candidate for office of United States President. Barack Obama that is. I have come a long way trust me. I have a long way from my initial doubts, to my journey in the fall when surrendering to the fustrations that Barack was not hitting back and inspiring the way he should. November was a turning point for me though. After countless hedging and doubts, it has become abundantly clear that Barack Obama is the man of the moment. He is the best man for the job. He is my vote for the future- a brighter future.

To be clear, Hillary is a good candidate- but she is nothing near great. Policy wonks are fine, but that is why we have cabinet positions. Beyond her electability, we need someone in office who can unite not divide. While there might be small differences between her and Barack, it will amount to making a mountain out of a mole hill if I make those distinctions. These differences pale when you consider that it is okay to have policy, but it ultimately begs the question if you cannot get it done because of partisanship - the same that have bred the misgovernance of the past eight years. In the words of Representative David R. Obey of Wisconsin, chairman of the House Appropriations Committee who is respected on Capitol Hill as one of the small share of lawmakers who has intricate familiarity with the federal budget, said he was more than comfortable with Mr. Obama’s grasp of substance.“If I weren’t, I wouldn’t have endorsed him,” Mr. Obey said Saturday. “You can’t make much headway on substance until you have somebody who can break through the rancorous atmosphere, build new alliances and cut through old barriers.

Hillary says she is fighter- well I give it to her she can fight. But this is the Presidency of the most powerful country in the world not the WWF. Hillary says she is experienced, well I agree with her- but some experiences just don't count. Such bad experience like sending the troops to a phantom war, voting for bankruptcy bill do count when it matters the most. Barack is capable of moving us beyond the old paradigm and getting the job done. Hillary will depress the democratic vote in November, and energize the republican one- with scary McCain on the ticket. Whatever happened to the straight talk express? I guess it had engine trouble!

I look forward to winning Texas for my man, and that is why I signed up as precinct captain. All roads should lead to my house next Saturday- I am hosting a Pre-Primary House Party. Watch this Space. It is us- the little people- edging our $25 for this no name candidate, the underdog, meeting in cold nights against all odds that the establishment should be afraid of. Whoever says we can't? YES WE CAN!

Dance Into the Light by Phil Collins best expresses it- I am going back to East Africa!
@Barack HQ in Houston on Sat. 16th

Change We Can Believe In! Volunteers for OFA


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