Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fast Forward...If you Care to

I have an interesting prediction...

In November, Obama will lose NH of the states Kerry won , win IA, NM, and CO and still hold 269, a tie.


Check out it plays out...

The regular North eastern bastion of liberlism are quickly called between 7.00 to 8.00 ET for Barack. New Hampshire is the sole hold out- too close to call; with Barack leading with mere 500 votes and countless rural counties (well known bastion of independent thinkers and feminazes) uncounted. As the result of the Midwest and South trickles in by 7.30 to 8.30 PM big surprises. Iowa, Michigan, Penn, Minn. declared in quick sucession for Barack; Missouri, Indiana, Florida called for John Sidney McCain. Virginia and Ohio however remains too close to call; looks like mid-term 2006 all over again except without Missouri.

By 9.00 the south is Peach red...couple of Senate/Congressional seats Harvests in North Carolina, Texas and Florida cheers up the now gloomy democratic watchers. Barack requests for a quick cup of Koolaid- he is a brotha today. Screw the lemonade. He ponders whether he should backslide and go a quick drag- Michelle gives him a quick stern look..."fool don't play with me" she snarls.

Alright, back on TV Y'ALL is about to wee. The Western results start dripping in by 9.00 PM ET. New Mexico was a surprise quick call for Barack. Nevada, Arizona and Utah fell in quick sucession to the republicans. The key surprises? The Dakotas, Nebraska and Montana are too close to call. Fox News go blank. Cali, Washington, Oregon and Hawaii are called for Democrats..and then the bad news, Ohio for McSame. Your republican friends are blasting your are sick to your stomach
By 11.00 PM ET Montana, Nebraska and the Dakotas all get called for McCain. Virginia and Colarodo are the final hold outs and Obama is 10 electoral votes from victory. At 12.00 PM ET the Colorado Secretary of State declares all the state's 9 electoral vote for Barack. He is at 269. Virginia like 2006 asks us to wait till the next morning.

Well...Barack is at 269...the worst outcome is a draw. He chants. He mounts the stage and he declares victory. Since the House is in favor of the Democrats, he would effectively win the White House. The next morning, VA goes for McSame. It is 269-269. The House chooses the winner in case of a draw. It was a congressional landslide for the democrats with victories beyond wild dreams in even red state congressional districts.

And people say mid-term elections aren't important?Your supreme court, my congress...payback is a ,,

My Electoral College Scenario


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