Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Why should I have all the fun?

Reginald Lewis' book is a tell all tale of how a determined African-American conquered the world of business two decades before Obama conquered politics. From working on deals in a blue ribbon law firm, to starting his own up and coming minority law firm on Wall Street, this hardnosed and hard charging Baltimorean reached the pinnacle of business after few faltering attempts at junk-bond style take over in the roaring 80s. In a partnership with famed Michael Millikan, he pulled off the biggest takeover deal in the late 80s, creating a multinational billion dollar firm (the biggest by any non-wall street firm –black or white- at the time). The enthralling tales in the book will keep you flipping, most especially the near stark honesty of its content and details: revealing the complex, sometimes not so good side of this enigma. This is perhaps the most honest auto-biography I have ever read; and perhaps it was due to the tragic end to the story: the death of the man at the height of his power. Death, where art thou sting? Today, RFL’s memory is kept alive by his Filipino-American love and his two daughters and the foundation in his name that funds many charitable ventures directed at arts, education and empowerment. This book rates as  five stars…excellent read and I actually will recommend a re-read.

Was in Cali last weekend…drone of a trip. Got in on Thursday noon. Was at Emanuel Ax concert at Walt Disney Hall…wow! Drove to SF where I met up with old pals..Mr. BJ and his friends..what a great company. SF is a gorgeous city any day, and if one do not draw inspiration from this city then I don’t know how one will ever be inspired. Alcatraz was a pleasure to tour..and the trip of the year begun in earnest. SF to LA on Road One- Pacific Highway. Always wanted to do that.

Stretching like a suspended snake carved to the edges of soaring mountains jutting of the mouth of the earth like the regurgitation of the belly of a Whale into the ocean, the PCH is a reminded of man’s contention with nation; and natures’ telling way of being so gorgeously defiant in the face of his assault.

With 300 miles of the best parts stretching from Santa Cruz to San Simeon, the landscape is at once distracting and awe inspiring to even a focused driver who can’t help be stop and detour at the designated outturns to ponder the beautiful sculpture of the master. Granted, the stomach churning twists that persist up to 4 hours will confound the most level headed passenger talk less of driver; at once challenging, yet alluring.  It is not by chance that at the end of these stretch lies the most inspired and creative minds in America. Anchored to the north by techno-gizmo crazy Silicon Valley, and to the south by its creative cousin in Beverly Hills, California’s future is secure regardless of the tempest of today. If  this landscape don’t shake off the dust off your mind, then I don’t know what will. It was perhaps this apparent reason that inspired Mr. Hearst to build that monstrous castle as a posterity at the midpoint between these giant edifices to human tenacity, imagination and articulation.

Next Stop? Grenada. Word Up bro? A vacation to live for.


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