Saturday, June 10, 2006

Aquadrenaline...sizzle with the nizzles

I am not someone given to taking to much risk; but a little bit of adrenaline rush will not spoil. However, by far the best place to get this rush is the ultimate aquatic environment. As I have said earlier, I am in love with water. As Fela talk- "water no get enemy". The most natural human environment is an aquatic environment with man, land, water, animals and air in synchronized oscillations with one another. I see nature when I see water and it puts me at peace with myself. Nothing more relaxing than a swap of clean fresh air, as you zoom across the surface of fresh clean lake water.

That was why last weekend, I went out with friends on one of those adrenaline pumping Jet ski trip. The location of interest was Just for Fun Marina on Lake Conroe, Texas. It was the ultimate boys time out. Armed with desire mixed with valor we took no prisoners as we zoomed at 35-45mph plus on water to momentary bliss and occasional sagacity. Without waxing too poetical, I must say that it was fun and couldn't have been better.

To have a peek at my Aquadrenaline voyage, hit here. By the way, How have you been? How is life today? Have you said "well done" to someone lately? What have you done for mankind lately? What are you doing next? Remember a life without hope is a life without expectation; a life without expectation is one without a future: a future undreamt of is never been given to mankind or earned by any mammal. Till next time: Peace!


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