Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Warfarian Psalm 23...For Laughs!

Psalm 23 in pidgin English
1.      The Lord na my shepherd, I dey kampe. 
2.      E make me sidon for where better dey flow and come put me next to stream make my body thermocool. 
3.      E panel beat my soul come spray am white, come dey lead me dey go  through express road of righteousness sake of Him name.
4.      Walahi!, if I waka pass where arm robber, 419 and juju people boku, come even join okada reach valley of the shadow of death self, my body dey inside cloth. Your rod and staff nko ? Na so dem dey like back bone dey comfort me.
5.      You don prepare Egusi and Pounded yam make I chop. All my enemies dey look waa waa. You rub me for head wit Vaseline intensive lotion. my cup na River Niger wey overflow him bank.
6.      True true, better life and mercy go gum my back till I quench. And man pikin go tanda for God house from lai lai to lai lai. GOD ALMIGHTY NA YOU BIKO AMEN.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

iDeas, iNnovation, iNspiration..Steve Jobs Passes but Lives

The man and the legend...just passed away. Steve Jobs was an inspiration to those of us that occupy the innovation complex. I know for sure that at LoftyInc, Steve Jobs particularly occupied a special place in our hearts. 

I remembered Wole (co-founder of LoftyInc)  and I have had our Apple moments, discussing how Steve Jobs shaped his products and the company, we seeking how to adapt these lessons earlier on into ours. His focus on quality, user experience and perfection were simply impressive. Apple and Steve Jobs have consistently defied the adage that the customer knows best....Steve never shied away from creating a new need for his clients; that is what we aspire to be to our clients. Create a user experience the user never realized they even needed!

The height of my personal Steve Job moment came about exactly one and half years on the clock at LoftyInc. I was preparing for an epochal presentation at the World Bank ABCDE Conference at Stockholm, Sweden.  I had to turn to the master: Steve Jobs.

After reading the book, "The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs- How to be Insanely Great in Front of Any Audience" by Carmine Gallo, I was turbo charged for this audience. At the end of it all, and after my 50 or so recorded practice presenting like Steve Jobs, I was at Stockholm selling our ideas which today is known as the Wennovation Hub. Yes, our strategic partner- the Africa Leadership Forum was part of that audience at  Stockholm...two weeks later I was on a plane heading to New York to sign us up. 

Everyone have their Steve Jobs story. His black turtle neck wears, his secret preparations and product releases, the perfection in product aesthetic and functionality, his ability to read your need and even his choice of product name, makes Steve miles apart from his peers. He was a showman, a presenter and above a special human being. His insistence on perfection, sometimes near dictatorial handling of product releases was also legendary. 

You want to demo?  do it in your office...those are not for his users. Your release product must be bug free, and plug and play: that was the Steve Philosophy. Here was a technology visionary, an astute entrepreneur, an entertainer, a designer and above all an innovator. Steve will be missed, but he lives with us all. 

As I shut down my MacAir writing this, I'm amazed how beautifully functional it is: and grateful I have it to fittingly pay this tribute to the man who can proudly say of this product in the words of Wole Soyinka's Bambulu: "this is the child of my brain; the product of my endeavors....the materialization of inventive genius". Genius...that is Steve. Inspiration..that is what he left us. 


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