Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's Cooking..What 're we Watching & ..?

There is a bunch of lame shows on TV and there has always been. As someone who hardly grew around TVs (my parents were ardent advocates of the no TV upbringing and am grateful), I appreciate the level of trashiness contemporary TV offers. Thanks to the Internet, viewers are having more choices and choice is steadily creeping its way into TV. One of such concept TV is Current TV owned by Al Gore, former VP and Nobel laureate- the TV is unique in the sense that viewers send in the programming; clips, educative documentaries and even news-pods dominate their schedule. It has since retained a regular feature on my favorite dial since I discovered it much to the chagrin of CNN; my once favorite channel now dumped (while trying so much to Fox, sorry Fix News (Noose rather).

Speaking of programming, I have been following two shows that I'd recommend lately. i guess the downtime the summer offers allow more time to catch up on such leisures and am making the most of it. Run's House on MTV and The Office have prime place on my record to watch later menu. After a good bowl of fufu and efo, I settle down on the weekend evenings to enjoy my menu of 4-5hrs recording..I can't be asked. After 2-3 hrs, give and take for skipping Ads I'd be through. Run's house is a terrific show in my opinion. Rev Run got a good thing going on, and his family reminds me the effervescently sumptuous laughter, joy and presence of mine. The Office is one hell of a funny show, that I got introduced to by a Business professor I took last fall. The raw comedy and shades of character make up for a good relaxing evening for me and some friends who drop by. Don't be buzzing my phone on weekend evenings bozo. lol

Speaking of my fufu (or what goes for it in Yankee), I have devised a novel and simpler method to get my beef stew done. I have been able to cut the work down from my traditional 2 hrs to something close to 30 mins..I am pleased. Cooking for me however has always been somewhat cathartic i.e. when am lethargic (my sis says allergic) to every thing else; it is what I'd imagine to be an equivalent of going to the gym for an exercise aficionados. The soothing aroma of a meal cooking...the fresh taste of a home cooked meal? hmm..unbeatable. Stop day dreaming my friend

I will hit the road this memorial day to Seattle and possibly Vancouver, Canada beginning my round of summer travels that will take me from Seattle to San Antonio, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Atlanta , Nigeria (Ibadan, Lagos, Ekiti, Warri, Abuja) and Denver...yeah I gotta be at the acceptance speech by my main man- Barack Obama. Saw the way he smacked McSame and McBush around? LOL...that was funny. I realize the GOP machine is running out of option, but they'd better be prepared for the oncoming onslaught cos its gonna be warfare. And you think you've seen it all, the fervent yearnings of the 75 000 that came out to see him on Oregon is just the beginning..see picture is breathtaking

For the summer am settling on the following for my reading list: The History of the Yorubas by Samuel Johnson the rare book that documents the early history of the Yoruba people of Western Nigeria that I have longed to read, the Art of War by Sun Tzu a classic on military thoughts and strategy suggested for would be leaders, Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi D. suggested by DQ- thanks chica, Half of a Yellow Sun by the bright star of African literature C. Adichie, and Cronies a book on Texas, Oil, Bushes and Republican hypocrisy written by Robert Bryce. Last of the Pirates a book on the most dangerous mercenary of African Bush wars and a thumb thru of Barack's Audacity of Hope (hopefully b4 Denver) should keep me company on my numerous dash across the continent and the world this summer. The Mrs Club - Ekene Onu is only looking good. I have been lazying about with Bill Cosby's Come on People, and Freakonomics...those should come first. Can't wait. See ya on the flip side.


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