Saturday, February 02, 2008

Poor People Don't Need Handouts

Whether in the West - in inner city ghettos or in African slums and poor sub Saharan African governments, I am absolutely convince that welfare, aid and handouts is destructive to the longterm well being of the poor. In America it promotes laziness and satisfaction with the status quo- a tokenism, in Africa it is an effective way to short change the poor and keep them poor while exploiting their resources and corrupting their leadership. Instead of two bags of rice from Iowa to Niger, give the farmer in Niamey a functional government, a reliable irrigation infrastructure and teach him goof famine skills so that this famine will be the last he and his community will ever see again. Need breeds innovation & invention; welfarism breeds laziness & poverty. This documentary below proves it!

The Great African Scandal
Academic Robert Beckford visits Ghana to investigate the hidden costs of rice, chocolate and gold and why, 50 years after independence, a country so rich in natural resources is one of the poorest in the world. He discovers child labourers farming cocoa instead of attending school and asks if the activities of multinationals, the World Bank and International


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