Monday, April 07, 2008

Spring Optimism and Getting Some Life

Am just back home after a long day- but trust me am not complaining. I had the equivalent of what you can call a full, well spent day - than you very much. Am here seated in my garage tapping away at the keyboard, fettering away the empty threats of baby Texas mosquitoes. Not complaining either. Am soaking in the spring- well lost to its optimism. Left work at 5.30 to play soccer. Am part of a new soccer team at work playing in this sports monkey intra-professional league in Houston. Yeah, professional as in Oprah professional not Beckham professional fool. LOL.

Oh well, can't be asked. I had fun. It was well worth skipping the gym at school which had been my solace in those nippy cold winter nights. It was cool, and soggy out today. I scored one goal..and my team won: yes even it was by one. Spring has something about it. The weather is just about right. We plan for the summer, make great plans for the year (we got three months left right?) and set those BBQ plans that is all commonly Texan by now. I got my cool paddy sister from London visiting now..Annette that is. Hope she is reading. Ol girl, na drink Houston dis Thursday make we go boogie am.

What plans have you got for summer? I plan to do my share of travel. Just came back from New Orleans. It was helluva a fun. Was there for St. Patricks day weekend with my buddies- Tee and Sly and Bourbon street did not disappoint. Do they ever sleep in that city? And well, i broke my glasses. Not in the big easy, in some downtown hangout spot here in H-Town. Dropped it and came back for it. It was useable for a month and then it went belly up. Well, I had to get a new one, hopefully I can get a new frame to put the scratched up pair as spare.

As for the rest of the summer- Dallas, Seattle, Vancouver CA, Philadelphia, Denver and oh yes, Nigeria will come down in a roll. It will be a junketting summer for me. Alaja travel. Sorry London folks, I don't think I will be coming around till year ending. That is if you will pick up my ticket tab. Stingy folks. LOL. Well, other summer plans include catching up on some reading. I have set an ambitious target of ten books. I added about twenty titles this winter and I should able to wittle that list down for your viewing pleasure when I post next.

Talking about books, I just finished reading that confessions of video vixen book by Karen "Superhead"and yes I have gotten over my initial guilt of reading soft porn autobiography. Hers was a story well worth the reading. It is a recommended reading for young girls losing their ways- Brittany Spears that is. Why is it so hard to get ones hands on Wole Soyinka's the man died and G.O.'s the history of the Yorubas. Well the later is so prohibitively expensive I had to set up a trust fund to buy it on Amazon where it is going for $55. Well thank God for good mercies, a gift certificate I got from work should pay $45 and I will kick in the rest. I am yet to get the certificate so don't even mail me to ask for a transfer. Awoof dey run belle.

And yes Facebook...geez creeps, stop tracking me on there and calling your friends to exchange snippets of information you glean from that page. Get a life this summer out of facebook. If you are male take up gardening like my friend Terell. Metrosexuals that is. I lie- well, I have been doing some yard work lately and will share pictures and my progress with you later (if y'all promise to stop being nosey). I plan a few weeks of touch ups especially to the flower bed upfront; I have been particularly lazy in the past year. Last weekend I installed my own innovative sprinkler system for the front yard (why do you think I went to engineering school?) and outsourced my mowing (heck, am too old for that now). Well, I did some weeding too- thanks goofers , am cheap that didn't come with the mowing- and added fertilizer and mulch to the trees. I also got a new tall palm plant for a new look and it is doing just fine as I speak. The background noise of the sprinkler from where I sit here, makes a perfect pitch of natural solemnity - the best you can expect in the urban jungle.

Congrats to Terell Dawg. The Statesman moved to his new crib this past weekend. A we o. Emi a se opo re o. Abi omo, a fe aya o. Amin Olodumare. And all you my female friends who quit calling cos y'all don land fine bobo for summer gyrations- well done o. Queen and Dessie, report here. Well, I think I have ranted too much already, and shared enough of my non-Obamanized life. Get a life pees! Am out!

P.S: Can't get enough of the Uganda video I posted above. Those girls are cute (una see as one of them dey shake dat thang- omo buruku gbo gbo), and the song just strikes a chord with my new season of optimism. Acuna matata. It is well. Can't enough of the Office shows on NBC too and the new DVR-W is doing such a fine job. Now I can get rid of that whiny Wolf Blitzer on my screen. Yes, that is a new one Mike. Me not Michael on office. Again, get a life!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

What we ask of Barack...

He first won in Iowa...they said it was not enough. They said it was not representative of US population. Too white they say and he is not Black enough. He went to New Hampshire, equally shared the delegate and they said he lost the primary hence was a one trick caucus pony. On he went to Nevada, winning the caucus- they said the Unions could not make him win and his caucus halo will soon be his albatross. Off we went to South Carolina- here Barack was damn too black. Too many black people voting for him and even this primary (not a caucus) this time should not count. On Super Tuesday it was an harvest of mixed primary wins in states as far flung as Connecticut and Alabama, and caucuses in dissimilar states like Idaho and Alaska. To Obama it was a moment of brief triumph.

No sooner did the pundits start counting out the big states that followed. Saying they simply had too many latte sipping, weed smoking college educated liberals, young people and blacks to count. In quick succession, Barack won democrats abroad (from Indonesia to Great Britain) and rammed it in 11 other states. From Maine to the sprawling urban DC area. He won big (when did Virginia and Maryland not count as big states?) and won small (oh, that Virgin Islands 89% whooping). Yet the bar was even raised higher. He had to prove himself in Texas and Ohio they said. Well, we won Texas. Well, that doesn't count too because the Texas system did not allow insiders to control our minds, nor allowed Rush Limbaugh republicans who could vote in the primary but lacked the enthusiasm to show up for the late night caucus control the process. That night, WE the people won. We won the biggest of them all- the great state of Texas. In the aftermath, the talk of course was working class Americans not being Barackified. Well said and done, two contests in Mississippi and Wyoming (states who in their opinions don't count) rammed a rod into that lie. But well, here we are again..what do we ask of Barack?

Well this is my point. Of Barack we ask that he be perfect. Not just perfect in policy or politics, but perfect in temperament, in association, in genetics, in projection. Perfect, that is what we ask of him. In Barack we ask of him what we can't in ourselves achieve. We ask that he vouch and vet the statements of everyone he had ever known. We ask like Rush and Bill O'riely that he not be hateful even though we (Rush and Bill that is) are a walking case of racial hatred and animosity...wait a minute- Revd. Wright not Barack said anything close to hateful right? Well, it doesn't matter.

In Barack we ask that he rise above the pettiness of Hillary Clinton, and arrogance of her husband- Slick Willy. The insight that come with the ossification of McCain but the vitality that Johnny boy lacks. In Obama, we ask he not be dodged with the moral ineptitude of JFK, yet be blessed with the rectitude of RFK & the vision of his brother. In him we ask of the oratory of MLK, but not the activism of Malcolm X that jolts us from our moral opportunism. In Barack we ask that he imbibe the best of George Bush courage and conviction, yet demonstrate the wisdom of GW's father, and reject the rashness and irrational stubbornness of Dubya. In him we ask for the forgiving attributes of Abraham Lincoln, but the fighting nerves of FDR; the soaring rhetoric of JFK and Theodore Roosevelt but the roundedness of Harry Truman. The demure of George Washington and the humor of Ronald Reagan all rolled in one without the aloofness from policy that they were both famous for. Of course we demand the foresight and vision of Thomas Jefferson and the political sagacity of John Adams impressed in statement, thought and actions. The question is- do we not ask for too much? Never been one day behind on delegate count in this race, yet questions are being asked about his electability. Of all persons by the laggard! Let the man be!

Dang. Am addicted to my new DVR. This box is wonderful! Now I can record hardball and that son of gun called Keith on MSNBC and yet be able to skip those doomsday commentator that have next to nothing of great insight to offer but their bubble heads and cheap analysis. For all I care, it is worth the extra two dollars cos now I spend 20 minutes of my day on TV instead of the 22 minutes I used to before. Well, just before I canceled my subscription for paid TV. Have a great day!


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