Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thankful for the Year that Is

As we all get ready for the season of gift, thanks and appreciation, it is often the case that we focus on those things that are ephemeral. In the middle of the materialism of this season, I reflect back on a year that is and will soon be over...year 2010.

I have truly been blessed in 2010. A year when dreams were fulfilled, paths previously envisioned were conquered, contacts previously fantasized were made and ultimately when the rubber hit the road. I am grateful for love, for family and for friendship. 2010 indeed was a stuff of dreams. It is the year of growth...or rather growing up.

As we approach the New Year 2011, I am reminded that every year has its own unique offering. I will forever be grateful to 2010 for being the year of laying foundations for an eternity of giving and building. Happy Holidays folks!

PS: Spending New Year in New appropriate. Working on the book, "The Bottom Billion" by Paul Collier...and preparing for my Adjunct Professorship gig at the Monterey Institute in California for January. Looking forward to my first professorship experience. Trust me, "Professor Oluwagbemi" in an email sounded absolutely weird. Welcome, 2011. 


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