Friday, August 14, 2009

Seven Wonders of Nigeria

It think Lady T asked an interesting question on UpNaira what we considered the 7 wonders of Nigeria...the natural wonders of our beautiful country. Good question at an important juncture in our nation where strife, distress seem to be pulling us apart. We seem to forget what beautiful country we are blessed with irrespective of our differences and the bankrupt leadership we seem to logger around our necks as we take tentative steps forward towards true development..well, here is my list:

I have been to some..but have heard of others...

1. Ikogosi Warms Springs, Ekiti: Yes I am biased, but you have to feel it to believe it.

2. Obudu Cattle Ranch & Cable Rail cum Presidential retreat: You should not die without seeing this paradise. Visit Tinapa also if you can

3. Erin Ijesha Water Fall..may be not as panoramic as Niagara or Lake Victoria, but found in the jungle without any seeming source of great river; this is a sight to behold

4. Badagry Beach and Slave Resorts- These strings of beach (not one) is a refreshingly familiar at least until you reach the grim end of no return where slaves departed the coast of Lagos

5. Nigeria Conservation Foundation Lekki Conservatory and adjacent Alpha and Lekki Beach..if you have time also go to Lagos Marina..go at night, get a jet best thing ever.

6. Yankari Game Reserve...So I heard..the rare collection of wild life makes this a place to go..the decaying infrastructure is a contrast to Obudu however. Also houses a Presidential Retreat..

7. Mambilla Plateau..I will skip any other high ground for this..

Of course, I have included a video of the Architectural Wonder in the little sleepy town of Ilupeju Ekiti State Nigeria..enjoy


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