Monday, December 10, 2007

So What if Hillary is a Bitch?

It has been to say the least disgusting and distasteful to watch the far right unwarranted attack on the person of Mrs. Hillary Clinton in her unprecedented flawless run for the presidency- in as much as I hate to acknowledge it. While her hatred is already well chronicled, the muddying up of the political space with cheap shots is rather disconcerting. In the moderate city of Houston, Texas the more fashionable bumper stickers for redneck trucks are those sanctioned by the local RNC which reads: “If life is a bitch, then why elect one!” Another one on facebook, reads, “Monica Sucks, but Hillary Sucks more!” These and many other, is not only distasteful but outright disgraceful.

The more alarming dimension is the trend of otherwise decent human beings, republican women, who in a need to shore up their ideological base have decided to participate in this show of shame by denigrating one of their kinds. Do they seriously think that men will discriminate when bitch become a legitimate political lexicon as much as it is in rap music of the day? When these future bitches stop taking leave of their senses, won’t it be to interesting to see their reactions when the electorate jumps on their bandwagon of b-word emitting swift boating? Of course, the evil day is already here. You need not look far, as all Senator McCain, presidential hopeful and republican front runner could offer by way of response to one of these mudslingers was a laugh and a cheer, when a sharp rebuke would have been most appropriate.

There is no doubt in my mind that the Clinton marriage is by far the most scrutinized union in the country. In the same breathe, no woman have had her motives for sticking to her marital vows more diced than Hillary Clinton, which by the way is unfair. While it is very fair to question the integrity of a President that cheat and “lied”, I think it is absurd to question a woman that took that public humiliation; one who chose the age long American family value (but dying tradition) of sticking it out while the going was rough. Who is to begrudge Hillary for not abandoning her home and leaving her young daughter Chelsea in the cold world of divorce and its consequent wrangling? Except of course the hypocritical so called family value republicans, who will rather back a multiple divorced Giuliani, who has no problem with fucking his secretary, while trading his older wives in periodically for newer models at the same time expending city money to do so! Trust the GOP machine, they will explain that vain thirst for power away by concurring up the battle of the titans from New York in their warped mind- one that I can’t wait to see, and I would state emphatically here that Mrs. Clinton will come on top shining and winning.

Mrs. Clinton integrity need not take any beating for choosing to stick by her spouse and her marital vows- in fact it should be copied. She chose to do what was right by her family, and if it is right for her political career- and then so what? Modern women make rational benefit based decisions as much as men do, and without suffering the Clinton consequence, so why should she be taken to task? This drama is not only disgusting but is actually a smoke for a larger stage show- a motive larger and far more consequential than the obvious.

The truth is that Republicans can’t stand Mrs. Clinton- least of all for her decision to stick by her marriage and the good life she lives today and is promised to live tomorrow. She of course was their final joker in the ploy to wreck Clinton with his own reckless pursuit of anything in skirt- but to their disconcertion- she simply refused to play ball. Mrs. Clinton in those trying days of the Lewinsky scandal carried the burden of a family and indeed a political party on her shoulder. She could easily have handed victory over to the Republicans by letting feminine instincts and rage overtake her: perhaps choosing messy presidential divorce over reason and common sense. She could have awarded the Republican Party the 50 years uninterrupted power cycle they crave so much if she had taken the adversarial position in that saga over the reasoned tact that eventually prevailed.

Today, reaping the rewards of not throwing the baby with the bath water, of not demoralizing the millions of supporters of her husband political career and hers as well, the GOP cannot stand her guts. They will rather not have an America, or even their family value fantasy than have a Mrs. & Mr. Presidents Clintons again in the White House. This is the republican nightmare come true, because truly only the Clinton political machine is more powerful than the meat grinding republican political monster that chops off opponent noses in blistering battles that swift boated John Kerry (of which he is yet to recover from). The gripe of the GOP strategists of course here is not integrity or the impossible Republican claim to one- marital or otherwise, but the vain thirst for continue stranglehold of the power lever. The one party state is a dream; one Hillary Clinton denied them when it mattered the most!

It is true that I do not wholeheartedly support a Clinton presidency; but don’t write skeptics like myself off. The unexpected consequence of this attack might as well be the disgust of the middle where I belong, to make a decisive push and move to the left where Hillary belongs. Obviously, Hillary is not the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) democrat by a long shot. Her free market credentials are questionable, and her protectionist instincts are alarming. Her stance on questions of war and immigration is unclear and very absurd, while her health plan is to say the least half dose attempt at patching instead of a total rework. She represents the face of the establishment not change and for this reason someone like I who you can describe as either a “Clintonian” Democrat or a North-Eastern (Some say Ron Paul type) Republican will find her candidacy unsuitable. My free market and open minded foreign policy instincts are diametrically opposite to hers as much as hers is inconsistent with her husband’s.

However, on no account (not even the above) do I think any of her achievements, short of her marital ties to another Clinton, qualifies the distinguished senator for those cat calls and cheap shots aimed at casting her record in the mould of her husband or marriage, or the unfortunate incidents and mistakes of that era. In fact, it is not Hillary that is a bitch- in my opinion, it is the breast sagging republican loonies that should stop bitching about a woman that chose to stand by her family, marriage, and country! Truth be said, their vehicle will not fly even if it were a donkey in the face of widespread disgust for their consistency of error since 2001. And of course, “the other side does it too” defense will not fly this time around too- what is grossly an affront to common sense human (and women) dignity is simply distasteful- let us stop calling a shovel a hoe.

Postscripts: I guess I am not the only feeling disgusted...
Recent biographies have described the Clinton marriage as a pact rooted in political ambition. Bill Clinton challenged that assertion."She came to Arkansas to be with me," the former president said. "When she came down there and we got married, I was a defeated candidate for Congress with a $26,000 salary and a $42,000 campaign debt. Now if she were half as calculating as somebody says, that's a really great way to run for president some day, isn't it: 'I think I'll go to a state I've barely seen and marry some failed politician with a $26,000 salary and a $42,000 debt.' "


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