Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tax Hike in Mugabedom!

As if the suffering of the common man in Zimbabwe is not enough, the Lord of the wretched south African nation has decided to raise the stake on them: he increased taxes to subsidize his madness and the wasteful spending of a government gone mad. After a week of tearing down slum houses all in the name of urban renewal, Mugabe thinks increasing taxes would spur an economy crippled by hyper--inflation, no diversification, low export incomes courtesy low Foreign Direct Investment due to the hostile posture his government. Mugabe needs to realize in time that he has lost touch with the common man...He lacks credibility and his fight is lost one. He should stop acting like a old warrior for liberation and should transform himself to a statesman, leave office like the Great Kenneth Kaunda did, and enjoy his old age while giving the people of Zimbabwe a chance. There is no use making them suffer horrendously under a leadership that lacks idea and should be given to a new guard of leaders that recognize the interconnectedness of all races and the have the skills to run a global and modern economy based on freedom, liberty and innovation of their citizens. The British government cannot be held responsible for Mugabe's performance, the onus to perform on him or he should quit. The African Union should also start telling the old dictator the home truth- his days in power are numbered!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Revolt In Mauritania - Africas Problem......An Impossible situation

The recent coup in Mauritania, a vast desert country in the North Eastern Fringes of the Sahara and N. Atlantic Coast is symbolic of the paradox in the continent of Africa. While the continent is filled presently with governments that can at best be called pseudo-democractic best known for their non-tolerance for opposition, electoral malapractice and sit tightism, as well as their inability to implement a coherent socio-economic policy to uplift their people from poverty. They span from Harare to Tripoli and makes it very difficult to condemn illegitimate coups. Indeed, if a leader has been in government for over 20 years with no remarkable improvments in the life of her people, such leaders deserves whatever they get...but this is no excuse for coup making which in it ownself is self destructive, primitive and utterly despicable. I wish the people of Mauritania well and hope they can kick the khaki boys out (no pun intended) very soon, before they start stealing the soon to be flowing oil money...Africa shall be free!


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