Friday, January 30, 2009

Democrats should grow a pair!

Just reading this curiously stupid Rush Limbaugh on WSJ. Now he is the leader of the Grand Obstructionist Party - GOP. This guy is a moron! While I am still recovering from the shock that this rabblerouser is given a platform by the once respected Wall Street Journal now in the hand of Ruppert Mess-it-Up, may be someone need to tell the dumbo that this is not a parliamentary system of government where the legislative sits or the output thereof is shared on the basis of representation. It is totally redundant that the same Rush who did not push for bipartisanship under Bush is now pushing for same under Obama- talk about hypocrisy. The whole Idea that tax cut works is bogus, because if it does then why are we in this mess many years after Bush cut taxes for his corporate buddies? Corporate tax cuts ? Are you serious? The same corporations that just got million dollar jets and gave themselves bonuses? By the way, the US tax rate nominally is 35%, but effectively it is way below 15% because most corporations like the one "stupid Rush" works for are TAX DODGERS! Corporations got tax cut under Bush,e specially in his last few months with 5 trillion dollar bail out, they don't need more! I say cut taxes for the people not the corporations, exactly what President Obama has proposed. The component of tax payment made by corporations has far been exceeded if the 6 trillion deployed to combat this crisis is compared with 900bn being targeted at individuals. It is just too sad Democrats can't make their own case. If they can't make the case that tax cut don't work, that it is a failed policy of Bush era and that fixing the mall actually provide jobs for landscapers, horticulturists and preserves our national heritage that generates tourism revenue then democrats need to grow some pair! Or may be they need a lil bit of Rush's medication!

Friday, January 23, 2009

South Africa 2010 & 2009 Planned Trips

Above is a sneak peek of the new Durban Stadium for South Africa 2010 Worldcup. This stadium looks wicked! I like the entry concept with the flags, I see naija there ahead. Way to go SA! The stadium looks like a computer mouse, with some uniquely Indian, African and European design influences- truly South African . I personally hope to be there; happens to be my marquee trip for 2010 alongside my planned adventure to Trinidad for the carnival in February. I will besharing pictures here of course for those who care..sorry!

Speaking of trips for 2009, am looking forward to London in June - to attend my parents birthday and wedding anniv. & see my bros fam: I intend to visit Norway/Denmark as well. In July am headed to Caribana in Toronto (that should be fun) and a labor day road trip (road one highway) to the West Coast starting from Northern California and ending in Denver, Colorado through Las Vegas should be a befitting cap to the holiday season. Looks neat for 09, I can't wait. I hope to attend one or two blue angel airshows in Corpus Christi and San Francisco this year as well; hopefully I can flex my semi-professional camera for y'all to appreciate. Two optional trips, its not like I won't take more if I can, NYC for 09 and Monitgo Bay, Jamaica for 2010 won't be a bad idea; [erhaps my first cruise. We pray for Long Life.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

On Critics and Praise for a Change

Is it not interesting that it is often people who are by themselves not perfect that often highlight the fault in others? In life I have come to realize people with deep insecurities often pick on you the most, trying so hard to compensate for their own problems. It is true we all have insecurities, but we handle it in differing ways. But these folks handle it by making people around them feel as bad..something sadistic about this tactic. Three incidents comes to mind in my own particular dealing with friends.I used to have this girlfriend even though so incredibly beautiful struggled with her weight- not that she was near fat in my own eyes. But she hated her size. She was round...coke bottle, apple figure hence the junk can often seem "junky". Know warrai mean? Well, her way of dealing with this insecurity was to taunt me about my rather slim frame. She will tell me everything but to seek medical attention. LOL....well, slim guys are in vogue now that Obama has won...there u go. But seriously, at some point this chic nearly made me start feeling insecure for something that was so - let us see- vain. Anywyaz, I quickly called her to order...often times, i deal with people like this by calling them out on this tactic. Another similar incident was with this chic I dated briefly. This girl made it a point to make fun of my chipped teeth a product of a childhood accident. Irrespective of entreaties, and well known insecurity (that I wear well) on this matter, she won't bat a retreat. But what if I told you the same girl is actually partially blind? Yes, she could see only with one eye. That didn't remove from her beauty then in my eyes- and oh she was gorgeous- but yet she won't stop beating on me. Finally, I had to put a stop to it- by calling her out. People like this are never fun to hang with; insecurity bred abuse is persistent and just plain crazy cos you can escalate the situation by always exploiting their own insecurity which is tit for tat and not good for peaceful coexistence.

In the spirit of change, I am on "insecure people alert". LOL. Well, when you criticize others it may be worthwhile to look at yourself. At least, I hope to henceforth. Speaking of change, how about praise instead of criticism for a change? I had a glowing performance review today at work with my supervisor. I enjoy the job I have been doing for the past six is a dream come true for me sincerely since project management was the very reason I studied engineering even though no entry position generally exists for such: you get promoted into it and I was last year. I am grateful to God for the success so far, while I keep working at it. But I am having fun. Are you?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009: A Year of Possibilities

That is what it is shaping out to be...2009. It is my hope that this possibilities will be those of hope, change and hard work: and no, it is not because of Mr. Obama and his hope train: it is far more personal, and I hope it is for you too. So far, so good and Happy New Year to you: my open and secret readers alike. To the secret readers, may this year can be a year of change for you too...I mean a change in your reading habit of this blog.

For me, one area that is changing is spiritual. I had been driven since sometimes last year to find an alternative place of worship : somewhere that is as enriching as where I have been attending in the past four years (Lakewood Church), perhaps closer home and indeed compatible with my temperament. I think I have found a winner in the Metropolitan Baptist Church. An urban suburbia place of worship with lad back people, ton of young earnest souls and a fulfilling preacher: funny, straightforward and academic, all at once. I attended for the first time last week, and did again today and I hope to make this church my second spiritual home: one I will attend twice or thrice a month when I am not in Lakewood.

One change you might have noticed is the layout of this blog; I hope you like it. Its roadmap and road networks represent the possibilities when we accomodate change. It will be fun, an adventure and I hope you enjoy the trip to the end we know not of; but join me as often on this blog as we explore those possibilities together: in photography, tourism, sports, politics, finance and other personal stories of interest.

Change is hard; change does not come easy. But when we accommodate change we become better. Change for the better indeed is enriching. I am determined to change that which I can for the better this year, and I hope you do too. Have a blessed year.


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