Saturday, November 24, 2007

Life Poetry & Tracks-Melodies of Unsung Victories

Life is a rail station
Three Men, Three Struggles
Strutting all along
Three tracks all wound up as one

Like a Snake in the desert sand
Wriggling throught crispy dirt
Life beckons to the journey man
Hot or cold - the vagaries to withstand
Hurt encased, deeds unearthed

Like a snail in the forest
The carriage of life thumps through it all
Problems sways the beasts
Caverns and Traverns of Hopes and Destinies

Presenting its own diversions,
Dreams and crest fallen,
Just another station to stoop over,
Drooping in a loop,
It throws curves over the glaciers & passes

Elephant problem?
Shake down the swath of dirt
On fallen limbs & figs,
The snake makes headway,
Beneath dragged dug epiphytes
The snail burrows & prys

Working away at life's obstacles?
It never seems to matter...
Life is radical
But from the death of one trunk
Rises the roots of another forest tree
Crushed and shaken together?
So that dreams can rise like an Iroko
From the rot of your current condition

The trees that make up the forest
The train that trails through it
On tracks unlike another
The forest of mankind
The Triumph of fortitude
The reward of perserverence

Tales of a journey man
Life is a track of many stations
The melodies of unsung victories
My Body, Your Body
Spirit and Soul...


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