Saturday, June 09, 2007

Paris Hilton Tax is a Good Idea

Okay, now you can call me disingenuous but I do think the recent uproar over the preferential treatment given Paris Hilton should be a reasonable ground for proponents of estate tax to tax inheritances to escalate the national debate on this. This "slut of a whiny" (apologies to Jim Cramer who used those exact words on her) is a poster child on why mega-billions waiting to be passed to heirs and heiresses is such a bad idea.

Put aside the failure of the judicial system of God's own country to be fair and consistent, the overall picture you will get is a young lady whose only public claim to fame is a raunchy porn movie to which her parent were purported signatory after it leaked (thank the so called Enabler i.e. her mum) and a penchant to appeal to the dead beat cameras of the paparazzi & the country's adulation of low achievers like George W. Bush and herself. This young woman has never held a day job in her life, but is somehow expected someday to control Billions of the Hilton empire. If that is not good enough, the risk she will use this money to peddle smut rises by the day; I mean the more often you forget your underwear in the house, the more I believe you really want to advertise your anorexic goods- herself and Brittany that is. This girl is famous for nothing. She has no talent (even the smut video sucked- can u imagine?), except to be notorious.

The recent incident of her purported early release from jail simply because she was too sick just exposes the uneven judicial system in this country where justice has always been reserved for those with the right amount of money and the right color. This is a girl who was pulled over twice for DUI, caught driving under suspended licence twice yet did not see the big house on each of those occasions. Let ordinary Joe try the same thing- in fact it is a sure one strike and you are out. Yet somehow, the cops pulled her over, only wrote a ticket and allowed the luxury of Lawyer instead of a bails bond man! If that is not enough, even after being caught in violation and being placed on probation and then violating that all our "heiress" gets is an automatic 27 days of credit for good behaviour in advance. Gosh! This stinks to high heavens. Who gets good behaviour credits in advance from inner city jails? I mean which black man?

Now our own new age Jenna Jameson, gets to go to the big house and was released five days into her sentence because she was crying too much. Bla Bla bla bla! The Sheriff need to be fired! This was one favoritism taken too far it made no sense. Sick. But in any case, I personally think this smut pusher do not need those millions she is waiting in the wings to collect- it should go to a trust to pay for insurance for the uninsured children of America. If she wants the money, she should go spend one more night in Paris and make more movies! In any case I hope she enjoys her remaining time in jail now that she has been sent back. Geeeeeeeeez!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

More of the same Republican Debate

Wow..what a difference four years make unh? Watching the Republicans debates made me ask myself if they were democrats not because they suddenly discovered religion of socialized medicine but because they were just in disarray. They disagreed on fundamentally everything except the war, which they all agree is the best thing after toast bread, and which I think makes even the candidacy of Lincoln running on this party's platform in 2008 absolutely dead on arrival. But at this point I must admit their sharp differences on the issue of immigration, gays in military, President Bush and foreign policy made for better TV than that boring democratic crap called debate. However, how can one fail to see their biggest differences not amongst themselves but with their current mentor, savior and guide (Dubya of course) on the issue of pollution and global warming. I loved their collective spin on this as a security issue and they sure looked good while lying. Typical politicians

One thing that was not different in this debate was their social status, race and gender. Where are the women, minorities and poor persons like Congressan Kucinich in this debate? Did I hear you say Tancredo? I think that moron smoked some weed before he took that stage. People like him make the Grand Old Pedophiles (GOP) look like a bunch of xenophobes. Not that they are not, but at least they are smart enough to reserve such sentiments for their closets or Lou Dobbs TV Show that attract close to as many viewers as buyers of George Bush Proclamation of the end of Iraq War Novel. But Lord , what can ten (now eleven) white men tell you about this party? This is no doubt a party on the brink of extinction. White men are a dying breed- white women don't marry any more, even if they do- they don't like having children, if they do have children it will be one or two, and for the most part nature makes it more likely for them to have girls than boys. See why the party is over? GOP wake up! I know you like young boys (like Foley R-Florida -LOL!) but please Hispanics, Blacks, Women & Middle Class need some love too! I dedicate this group to the cave man pictured above- they are relics

There was no area these rich white men seem more disconnected than when it came to the issue of big oil and healthcare reforms. Not only do they have a losing message, I think the Democrats will relish making them gawk when the real deal starts along with their yeye position on the war. How about that nobody attacking Bill Clinton? Forget Tancredo- as if anyone cared if he was barred from the White House. Ego is evil thing to massage. Yeye man. In any case, I have the perfect answer for Big Oil Profit questions for Country Club Republicans and Pro Growth Democrats- those are my kinds. It is simple- level with the people and let them know big oil pass these profits back to them as shareholders through taxpayer's pensions funds or retirement accounts. I bet you it will fly. Who doesn't own one oil stocks directly or indirectly? Who hates their retirement in sunny Florida?

Okay I am biased, but McCain had a good night- passionate & deliberative, Rudy was stellar in getting his message honed and Romney was unapologetic. Me thinks Bush was the only loser- he lost his party tonight or better still they lost him. Gosh- even my guy Paul won't pardon Bush's second brain. What is happening people?

Monday, June 04, 2007

CNN Democratic Presidential Debate …Arrrrrrrrgh!

Yaaaaaaaaawwn. I was greatly amused (and bored) by the democratic debate yesterday evening on CNN. The point of course of watching this, I don't know except may be simply because the Republican line up is nothing but just a bunch of 10 (now 11) white men clowns in black suit who somehow still believe the war in Iraq is the next best thing after toast bread. In short, what makes the democratic debate worth watching is that fact that the Republican debate is a non-starter. Can you imagine?

For all the interest however, it was more of the same. Long platitudes, winding answer, no passion, "I have a plan" mantra, big spending, tax hikes and of course Bush hating with no concrete vision. The most disappointing of the line up was Barack O'damo (sorry Obama). Man, that guy needs a coach in public speaking or presidential debating. He was wonderfully trounced by even floundering candidates like Biden and Dodd. Gosh, see the VA Hospital question by spouse of a serving soldier- this man was aught napping. Instead of simple, coherent answers what we get is some Obama thesis; I am sure will soon get Obamaspeakezee as a political buzz word. Deep intellect doesn’t win elections, and George Bush is a solid testimony to that. Passion and empathy that was sorely lacking in that debate wins the White House. I can imagine Billy Boy (Bill Clinton) answering the same question on the VA hospital restriction for veterans- he not only will stand up from that IKEA European edgy stools that CNN somehow supplied this elitist minded lot but go down to embrace that soldier's spouse, press her flesh and get some quick photo shots for tomorrow’s papers. That is empathy and passion. None of this lot would even bend forward in a show of passion except for Senator Clinton and Biden- the rest were dead on Arrival (DOA).

Obama by my account had the worst night. What more proof than when it took a New England White American Senator Biden to run with the issue of Darfur while the only true African candidate on the podium equivocated while 300 000 people are slaughtered? Obama looked like a wash, commending Edward and Biden for visiting Darfur. Gosh! You are the one with Kenyan blood, yet you will rely on second hand information from this lot? I agree with Biden and Richardson, a no fly zone and a threat of boycotting the Olympics are two ways to stop the genocide now and forever. Any other thing amounts to Nero fiddling while Rome burns. During this segment, the passion of Biden trumped the indifference or obliviousness of O'damo (sorry Obama). Senator Clinton looked stronger than ever, and I am afraid it appears Bill has been coaching her- she seems to be getting better. Biden, Dodd and Richardson had a good to neutral night. Edward will need a little help from the pollsters, but his message is worn and old; he still got a little left in him though (at least more than O'damo)

But overall, the lack of imagination in the candidate's program was remarkable. Same old, same old. What happened to pro-growth democrats? No one on the podium could say the truth about business: that America prospers, when business prospers; that small business, innovation and education are the engine of economic growth and that spending not tax cuts are the problem. My proposal: Cut $70 billion of corporate welfare for big business by half, redirect this sum to encouraging small business and education, make current tax cuts permanent, increase estate taxes(yeah, whatever- call it death tax) on the dying super rich (more of them will die soon-LOL) and tax private equity income on income tax level of 35% instead of the 15% loophole currently being exploited to pay off cost of universal health care for minors up to the age of 18, create a catastrophic health insurance system similar to the natural disaster insurers on state level paid for by stopping the current bleed in military and war spending to significantly reduce premium costs, restore line item veto and pursue a balanced budget amendment to drive these drunk spenders out of DC. If all these are done, watch as the DOW hits 20 000 and Social Security solvency is restored as the dollar regains its strengths. That is how pro-growth Clintonian Democrats think not hiking taxes, and price gouging investigation nonsense. By the way, the price of gas in the US is too cheap as Senator Mike Gravel said- lowering it is encouraging bad behavior (i.e. polluting our world and encouraging terrorism). Higher prices at some point will dampen demand and encourage clean technology innovation which is good for America and bad for terror and polluters.

P.S: O'damo is a way of saying "You Do not Recognize" in Yoruba.


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