Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Life ...Just move on!

I often ponder what life has wrought me. Don't get me wrong - I am an extremely lucky person. What others dream of , I achieve - what many imagine, I live. Life itself have dealt me varying luck, but one thing is permanent : my actions often times seem planned, many times seem precise. Where I am at, what I do or what I engage in not only intrigue me, but virtually everyone around me. But alas, even though I am a man giving to much planning I will say I have less than 1% to do with what side of life I find myself. In many ways I am learning in life- one thing I always seek to learn is how to handle disappointment.

Life is full of ups and down. The life of those that have gone before me have taught me to enjoy the ups and revel in the downs. I am a freespirit more so I am a lively highspirited fellow. Gloom and I are totally diametric opposites! That is why handling disappointment often comes with its own challenges- but I have learnt. I have learnt dry jokes work, self deprecation is a sure fire way and forward planning provides a soft landing. But knowing that life deals you the hand that the Almighty uses to favor you, is a comforting feeling. Like it said in the good books: "All things work together for good..."

Any disappointment lately? Sure you bet. Georgia Tech. Sure they suck! I loved to be at Gatech. Everyone that knew me in the undergraduate years knows Atlanta was my exit point. I wrote the GRE with the Gatech cut off points in mind, all roads led there! But alas, I had not even finished applying before I got that dreaded letter: Rejected. Sad, sorrowful, mad? NO! Disappointed? Maybe. I moved on- I wasted a lot of money on applying to other schools I didn't even like- but even B Schools had the nerve to create one road block or the other! Damn they suck! But I realized at one point- maybe afterall it is not grad school I was supposed to go in January. I gave it all up, focused on getting me a good paying dream job- and guess what? What others find so hard came so easily.

Such is life- for what the creator wants is beyond your imagination. Just move on!


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