Monday, July 12, 2010

The most ridiculous award yet..GCFR

Just when I was fuming about his allocation of ten billion naira to celebrate some independence in London, as well as the ridiculous jumbo pay for FG Senators making the email rounds, I was greeted with this picture

Yes, you guessed it right..the President self-awarded himself the highest honor in the land i.e. GCFR! Grand Commander of the Federal Republic it should read, but definitely Grand Commander of Federal Rogues it actually is! For if a revolution takes place today, and we need to identify the first criminals to take to the guillotine , the National Honors Lists especially the GCFR and GCON section will be a great go-by! People who actually have done something in Nigeria don't ever get GCFR and GCON..they will be lucky to get OON or MON. Criminals, political jobbers and thieves like IBB, and Abacha occupy this list.

The ridiculous spectacle of a sitting President bowing to an old one- and an inept one for that matter just to justify his rather immoral conflict of interest in awarding himself this honor was the height of the ridiculousness of it all! Granted, it was legal (even though a now an extant law would have nullified such). Guess even in the face of the moral double standard of awarding yourself a honor, the President sought to moralize this by gathering his band of thieving brethren aka. political jobbers and former heads of states to award him the honor. Who gave Shagari the power? Under which constitution? By the way, is Gowon not a former coupists? does he still pick a pension? Our nation is long overdue..for a thorough house cleaning!

In any case, if you are not mad is how much your 109 Senators each a nation notedL where two-thirds live below one dollar a day! Criminal!


Senator Earnings - N29, 479, 749.00 (  $193,945 ) Per Year.

Basic Salary - N2, 484, 245.50.

Hardship Allowance  @ 50% of Basic Salary - N1, 242, 122.70  ( I love this kind of hardship)

Consistuency allowance @ 200% of BS  -  N4, 968, 509.00

Furniture Allowance @ 300% of BS - N7, 452, 736.50

Newspaper allowance @  50% - N1, 242, 122.70 ( Which kind newspaper be this shey na online or hard copy).

Wardrobe allowance @ 25%  - N621, 061.37

Recess Allowance@ 10%: - N248, 424.55

Accommodation @ 200%  - N4, 968, 509.00.

Utilities @ 30%  - N828, 081.83.

Domestic Staff @ 35%  - N863, 184.12.

Entertainment @ 30% - N828, 081.83.

Personal Assistance @ 25%   - N621, 061.37.

Vehicle Maintenance Allowance @ 75%  - N1, 863, 184.12.     

Leave Allowance @10% - N248, 424.55.

One off payments (As advised by SagamiteSeverance gratuit)y @ 300%  - N7, 452, 736.50   (Once they get fired.)               

Motor Vehicle Allowance @ 400% of BS - N9, 936, 982.00  - Every Four Years

Senators Salary per month.                - N2, 456, 647.7

Total  = N29, 479, 749.00         i.e.  $193,945

* 109 Senators  Grand Total  = N 3, 264, 329, 264.10
                                                     i.e.  $21,475,850

A feeding frenzy!!!


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