Sunday, April 10, 2011

PDP set to win Simple National Assembly Majority, Governorship too- ACN Tsunami

PDP winning 27 of 50 contests declared..set to claim 55-60 seats in the Senate (with 109 seats at stake) by my projections. Their demise was much exaggerated. Even though this is far less than the current 83 members of PDP in the senate, CPC, ANPP & APGA thoroughly underperformed in the just concluded NASS elections. ACN & LP outperformed expectations. ACN net gain from 4 seats to 18 on conclusion of ALL races is being projected.

Very slim chances PDP will lose House of Rep even though they are faring worse than in the Senate. Governorship?? Any takers? Looking like 18-20 seats for PDP. Oyo and Ogun to flip to ACN camp to bring total to 6. Bayelsa to flip to LP to bring total to 2. ANPP to retain one governorship, and CPC may gain 7 at best. Given their current under performance, I bet they get only 5.


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