Saturday, June 25, 2011

Handicapped by a lack of Vision

Got a devotional from the First Lady today, as she so dutifly sends me everyday (God Bless her soul). It went thus (I'll copy and paste)..

25 Jun 2011Is there a better way?Let's keep focused on that goal, those of us who want everything god has for us... Philippians 3:15We must never stop asking, 'Is there a better way?' You can't pray for progress and fight change. In 1829, Martin Van Buren, Governor of New York, wrote to President Andrew Jackson cautioning him about the future: 'President Jackson, the canal system of this country is being threatened by the spread of railroads. We must preserve the canals for the following reasons: 1) If canal boats are supplanted by railroads, serious unemployment will result. Captains, cooks, repairmen and lock tenders will be left without jobs, not to mention farmers now employed in growing hay for horses 2) Boat builders would suffer, whip and harness makers would be left destitute 3) Canal boats are absolutely essential to the defence of the United States. In the event of the expected trouble with England, the Erie Canal would be the only means by which we could ever move the supplies so vital to waging modern war. As you may well know, Mr. President, railroad carriages are pulled at the enormous speed of 15 mph by engines, which, in addition to endangering life and limb, snort their way through the countryside belching out smoke, setting fire to crops, scaring the livestock and frightening women and children. Surely the Almighty never intended people should travel at such breakneck speed.' Poor Martin - what would he think if he knew we were flying 33,000 feet high, at 500 mph sipping coffee and typing on a notebook computer? God is the author of all true progress, so we must never stop asking, 'Is there a better way?'
On further reading on the man Van Buren, here is what Wikipedia says:
As Andrew Jackson's Secretary of State and then Vice President, he was a key figure in building the organizational structure forJacksonian democracy, particularly in New York State. As president, he did not want the United States to annex Texas, an act which his successor, John Tyler, would achieve eight years after Van Buren's initial rejection. Between the bloodless Aroostook War and the CarolineAffair, relations with Britain and its colonies in Canada also proved to be strained.
His administration was largely characterized by the economic hardship of his time, the Panic of 1837. He was scapegoated for the depression and called "Martin Van Ruin" by his political opponents. Van Buren was voted out of office after four years, losing to Whig candidate William Henry Harrison
Clearly, this was a man that lacked vision and was seriously handicapped by not having one! He even did not see why Texas need to be part of the union! Wow..guess all that oil and job creation would have gone the way of Mexico left to Van Buren. Or may be, we would have been spared GWB..or may be note. Dude's father is from Maine! Clearly, that stock lacks vision!

Do you suffer from inadequate vision? Have your dreams scared you lately? In the words of  President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf "If your Dreams Do not Scare you, They are not Big Enough"

Have your dreams scared you lately?


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