Thursday, February 11, 2010


It was about time I guess..before reality hit the conservative hawks that blocked a very routine constitutional goal of seamless transfer of power. It was a shame... I am not convinced the Jonathan Goodluck will bring an appreciable difference in governance unless he focuses on three key things: Security/Justice in the Niger Delta, Energy (Power & Petroleum Scarcity), and Fair/Just 2011 Elections. In these three areas his leadership may make a difference. Our fingers are crossed. Good move on dislocating that Attorney General anyway..hope Aondokaa can rest well now.

I wish Mr. Goodluck, plentiful of luck and a lot of wisdom. President Yar'Adua was and still remains a greek gift, and Jonathan is not a far off beneficiary of the dirty process that trumped up the duo in 2007. Let us hope 2011 will be better..may be if we can get rid of OBJ and IBB. About time they just go.

Here..gotta be the best quote on the legal mess Jonathan's ascension really is...from IYC leader..

“The National Assembly resolution is in good faith. It is a victory for democracy. Some people are already arguing on the legality of the resolution, but I am one of those who believe Nigeria itself is illegal. Nigerians did not say we want to be Nigerians, we were forced into being one country. The formation of the country is illegal. The Constitution we operate is also illegal. The Constitution says ‘We The People’ but there was no time I, as a Nigerian, was consulted. A cabal just met and gave us a constitution just like the National Assembly met and gave us a resolution. If the constitution that binds us is acceptable to Nigerians, I expect the resolution to also be accepted not only be Nigerians but also the International community.”


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