Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Can Women Drive?

Okay my country people, I know I missed women day or whatever it is called. So I apologize to all grandmothers, great grand mama, mother, aunties, nieces, sisters, fake sisters, blood sisters, girlfriends, ex-girlfriends, wives, ex-wives, sugar mummies etc I know. Approco, I see your eye brow is already raised- did I say all of them are mine? I said the ones I know. Nonsense and fabrication; however, for this reason, this posting of mine shall be the sexist type.

Naturally, I am not given to huge traffic. I live in Houston a city notorious for its rush hour traffic which is even made more deleterious by the long wide roads and the swath of smoking automobiles that form such urban eye sore. I mean, if traffic catches you for NY or London, at least you know you can park and walk or catch public transport. Well in Houston, let us just say pedestrians were not even factored in at the design stage of road construction. Na so for last Friday I wan do some quick waka for peak period I; comes see me see trouble. I was on the toll road, the freer route, and yet a journey of twenty minutes was taking me an hour and a half. In the midst of my frustration, I realized I had maintained a single lane and it appears to be the slowest.

As per a naija man concerned, na so I change lane fast like a sharp man. But before I could complete my maneuver na so this mad person just rush my bumper like say the yansh of my car na ten kobo stripper. In any case, she missed- thank goodness. You see na woman; and as if this has not gotten more ridiculous I drove less than a mile only to see that we all have been delayed by another yeye woman at the head of the traffic queue. Believe you me, this woman was reading a novel and driving. More surprising was that she literarily has stopped moving and everyone else behind her was in stand still. No honking, no bellowing. As you can guess rightly, at least the next two cars behind her were also driven by women; and were each at different stages of distraction. If it was not involved in some serious gist on the phone, it was moving rhapsodically to some music. They think say I get time? As I journeyed home, I looked around me to observe fellow drivers and it appears to me less than 1 out of 5 women driving were concentrating. The rest of the crew were either doing make up, adjusting their hair, talking on the phone, reading novels/books (so ridiculous) or plain gisting with their fellow passenger; so for your viewing pleasure I am including a picture of how a female only used and operated garage looks like that was sent to me by a co-worker. What a wonderful world!

What Happened to Sexy Air Hostesses?
Jesu, I was waiting for my people coming from naija on Saturday when I saw couple of Air hostess coming out from the Arrival Hall. What happened to Air hostess that you can’t have enough of looking at? Ones that make you book a flight you don’t need to take? Like good meals on air travel, beautiful and sexy air hostesses are a thing of yore: a past that we might never see again. Can you believe this; BA even has this 300 lbs plus Air Hostess? Say na wetin? Me I go fear to enter that kind plane o- imagine just five of these jumbo sized air hostesses: the plane is more likely to go down and more so the food in an infinite journey will probably not go round. Okay, just kidding. I got me some love for the obese sisters too. Big girls need love. Abi no be so? Peace.

Summer Reading List: I am compiling my reading list for summer: my peak reading season. I intend to read at least 7 books this time around; I know I am lazy but you know say with this acada plus full time work thing man must chop. I have three books already lined up and ready for kick off after school quiets down a bit in April. I am open to suggestions and I shall update you as I go…here is the current list: Uncle Tom’s Cabin (H. Stowe), Master of the Senate (Biography of LBJ-Robert A. Caro), Beating the Street (Peter Lynch).

Visiting: Houston Museum of Natural Science and Forbidden Gardens this weekend. I shall share pictures if I am allowed to take any.


Anonymous said...

Close your eyes before you go blind, Doll.

Waffarian said...

Boy oh boy! so na now u wan come update! by the way, no mind me everytime wey i wan spend effurun, na so enerhen go enter my mind, i go dey confused, so i go just add the h, incase......but trust you, aproko waffy man to come catch me! heheheheheheheheh

DonCasiragi said...

@Anony..say na wetin? Blind for where..the eyes is to see and the fullness thereof..why u go wan do dat kind thing?

Mai waffarian sista..u sabi say na hustle me sef I dey (LOL!). Your explanation is not flying with me yet, I still require penance to appease the gods of Warfi...submit thereafter and back it up with 3 bottles of Apeteshi

Chxta said...

Dis guy na craze dey wori u! Hehehehe

chidi said...

great blog!

DonCasiragi said...

@ Chxta - na lie I lie before? tell me say the thought no dey come yuah brain..LOL!

@ Chidi..thanks I really appreciate your stopping by...u have got a nice blog too...and u are definitely appreciated..feel me?

t said...

I considered going to work as a flight attendant.

The truth about their job is that they're not only there to enhance your comfort as a customer of the airline, they're also there for your safety in case of an emergency landing or crash. Supposed to be. They can swim, lift, etc.

So RESPECT: they're there to save your life.


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