Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ekiti Rerun Results As they Come In

Notes: Ijero and Ikole experiences widespread irregularity..documented at 4pm Ekiti Time
Elections in Oye Cancelled..due to thuggery. Postponed till Sunday
Ekiti Rerun Results- BUSANGA.COM- Results from INEC From E8


Grand Total- Post Appeal 78091 65743

Gbonyin 2871 1925

Irepodun/Ifelodun 5702 4087

Ekiti SW 423 351

Ekiti East 3829 4711

Ise Orun 4221 3861

Ijero 1881 5121

TOTAL 97018 85799

Rerun Total 18927 20056


Ikole 3639 4491

Ido Osi


Ekiti West

3639 4491

Update at 4.46 pm CST...Ijero result is kind of tentative..but very reliable.

Update at 9.53 PM CST...Ido-Osi where all wards are voting and Ekiti West with 4 wards being contested will determine the results of the election- they are both toss ups with Ekiti West determinably close. Oye is also pending but is an AC stronghold . These determinations were made based on valid results upheld by the Appeal Courts as determined by this tabulation.

Update at 2.56 pm Sunday: Oye's election postponed indefinitely.
Ekiti Inec commissioner Ayoka Adebayo to resign in the next few days and state her full reasons. She stated her intentions after resisting official (read, PDP and FG) pressure to announce fake Ekiti election results in Ido-Osi Lga and others.


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